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Four BEE, Four BOO, Four BAA

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A long time ago in a land far, far, far away, so far away that I wonder whether it was a reverie, I used to watch the good society offline like on TV, never allowed in because of someone I had to care for...

"Do it all, do it all, do it all alone for everyone, do it all for free, do it all alone..."

And I learned to talk to the caretakers of that good society in English so criminal anglophones could not understand. I learned to debate instead of fight. I trusted policies, processes, and I used to believe our police prevent crimes.

And then I got disappointed. I know, disappointment is caused by having high expectations. Civilization, as Ghandi said, would be a good idea. 

My refrain, 
"Do it all, do it all, do it all alone for everyone, do it all for free, do it all alone... I was the only adult in the situation."

America gets excited by rolling out new technology like the Internet. And I hoped maybe I could break free of the prison of being the only adult in a country of overgrown infants who believe white collar crime is no crime and they're not criminals for breaking laws because police haven't yet arrested them. 

My escape into normality [that's China, by the way], lost me my debate partners, gained me conversationalists, and we were interrupted by delusional fighters who don't debate, and who are not the western societal caregivers with whom I converse. So in China, my voice changed; I speak to children to talk with adults so the criminals don't know.

That's where Four BEE, BOO and BAA enter: the story is from Tanith Lee, a fantastic science fiction fantasy about utopia funded by energy from emotional expressions. 

"Do it all, do it all, do it all alone for everyone, do it all for free, do it all alone..."

Finally, I saw the refrain happens only among the criminals who aren't yet arrested. I recognized them from Ayn Rand's book, Atlas Shrugged. She called them parasites. I call them criminals. 

I hoped to teach my Chinese students to debate because debates are fun. We started. 

The criminals don't believe it's wrong to take. The criminals don't believe it's wrong to say truth is false for no reason other than refusal to see extant evidence from witnesses. What is the scientific process and shouldn't a civilized expert know? 

It's never been worth the air we breathe to talk with them. Ayn Rand said of takers: the furniture in the room is more useful than they are. 

"Do it all, do it all, do it all alone for everyone, do it all for free, do it all alone..."
That isn't my refrain anymore. There are moments when I feel cornered by a taker, a parasitic criminal, who obstructs justice to complain the effect of the crime is evident and denies self-involvement, but aside from those moments, I'm not the only adult in the conversation anymore. 

I wish for the magic to make Four BEE, BOO and BAA, the three cities of guided playtime lives for emotive non-workers, as the cities are self-sustaining and kind to Earth by shielding the inhabitants within city limits. Tanith Lee was onto something good, and I think some  government consultants could feel too scared to say a good idea came from science fiction. 

These are background impulses when I read how America is trying to bully China, and I know, China doesn't know how to be a freeloader. America and Canada are sibling nations, more cooperative than, say, Crimea with Russia, to give a reasonable example. America had a dream of leading the west in foreign policy. We have a correlated cancer in society: the barkers. 

The barkers aren't necessarily givers or takers; they skipped communications school is all that can be surmised. The barkers are being dropped and it's been happening here in NA for decades. Life without barkers is nice, calm, pleasant and usually it makes more sense... until the takers who are less useful than furniture [Ayn Rand's description] slowly gain confidence to speak. 

American foreign policy of the 1980s to 2000s relied heavily on barkers barking orders at Nato, WTO, WHO, and anyone else. That's failing. Worse, they're increasingly expected to make sense. EU is openly showing loathing of barkers. 

The economic problem is too big to put into prison. We don't have enough police to arrest all the white collar criminals. Ayn Rand's fantasy solution is a character she named John Galt, an abused genius. 

Reading China Daily's article "US has reaped huge benefits from China's reform and opening-up" while Canada's Globe and Mail simultaneously publishes "The Canada-China crisis is a game of chess, and Ottawa needs to stop playing it with checker pieces"... so, I feel I need to read the news to someone, to adults in society who care for civilization, knowing we 
"Do it all, do it all, do it all for everyone, do it all for the real economy..." together; we're not alone. 

I hope you read Tanith Lee's utopia. The self-sustaining cities Four BEE, Four BOO, Four BAA, are playgrounds for the harmless inhabitants whose lives are appropriately scripted, and one could even say, civilization is still upheld among the minority who choose to work with the AI authorities. 

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  • Education Methods 2020-1-7 20:25

    Then, IF you are the Secretary General of the United Nations, how do you tell the young students of the world what is going on in our world and, how to do is the right way

  • Education Methods 2020-1-5 01:54

    snowipine: Punishment strictly following the rules is always the last resort , usually we don't this way, but if here is no other wayout, how to do ?  I guess.
    Thanks for your comment, Snowpine. In schools and in prisons, we shouldn't feel trapped into punishments as persuasion or as motivation. We should be able to use rewards systems. What inspired my blog entry is thinking about the failed terrorist reform efforts, like Gitmo, and why they fail. Negativity doesn't cause improvements and secrecy just makes it worse, but rewards systems may work. It's unclear though since terrorists are different from students and normal prisoners.

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