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Share Drastic Changes in Chinese Attitudes toward Marriages to Foreigners
2014-4-5 13:16
Few days ago, I was having a casual conversation with few foreigners about our perspectives regarding the life in China. They were complaining about suffering from loneliness, especially during the weekends and holidays. They emphasized the difficulty of finding Chinese girlfriends. I was surprised by the drastic changes in Chinese attitudes regarding dating or marrying foreigners. After arriving in China in 2003 and through my teaching assignments, I noticed that a great number ...
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Share Chinese Youth’s Addiction to Junk Food
2014-4-5 13:14
With all humility that I could muster, I must admit that my eating habits leave a lot to be desired. I may even go further and confess that they are beyond control or therapy. To support my argument pertinent to that fact, my waist has three love handles to remain as an eternal reminder of my addiction to junk food. I also refer to them as my babies because they give me a belly as big as that of a pregnant woman. Due to the fact that I attribute having them to my frequent trips to ...
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Share Foreigners’ tendencies to whine about living in China
2014-4-5 13:09
Residing in China for more than ten years, I had the opportunity to work and interact with a wide range of foreigners who came from various countries. All of them had something in common. They would not stop whining about the living conditions in China despite the fact that they selected it as their place of residence. My heart was filled with sorrow listening to them complaining about every aspect of the Chinese daily life from the polluted environment to the Chinese social habi ...
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  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 23:49

    On what grounds? You are reading too much western press. (Or Jenflex's posts).

  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 22:32

    Admittedly, Donald Trump is what is called an unorthodox political figure, loud and as you said, impulsive as evidenced by his seemingly off-the-cuff tweets.
    Nevertheless, people may get used to his unpredictability over time, or even start to enjoy the drama surrounding him. You may find the US political scene too drab after Donald Trump steps down as president. lol.

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