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Share Parenthood, a License to Guide Not to Control
2015-8-6 11:03
Today, most parents attempt to exert absolute control over the lives of their children. Without any doubt, they are following on the footsteps of their own parents. We tend to be afraid of changes. Since our own parents raised us with the approach of controlling every aspect of our lives and most of us turned out fine, we lean toward following the same path of dealing with our own children. Parenthood is a license to guide not to control. The imp ...
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Share Control your mind, control your life
2015-8-4 16:32
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one could have complete or partial control of one’s life! I am absolutely certain that the skeptics among us would convincingly state that it is an impossible task to say the least. Nevertheless, it is not only possible but it is scientifically feasible. It is a well-known fact that the mind is the center of the nervous system. Any sensations or feelings must reach the mind before one could be aware of their occurrences. How do we become awar ...
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Share Why Should We Celebrate Father’s Day!
2015-6-19 05:40
As an educator, I do believe that one of my fundamental responsibilities is teaching the virtues and values of a morally traditional society, such as the unconditional love and appreciation of our parents, to my students. Consequently, I often stress the importance of seizing every opportunity to display those sentiments toward our dads and moms. To accomplish the previous objective, every year as Father’s Day approaches, I allocate a class to open a forum of discussion about ...
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Share Should 65 be the mandatory retiring age?
2015-6-18 17:10
As my 65th birthday approaches, I have begun to contemplate my life after retirement. The following questions were persistently imposed upon my train of thought. Is 65 the end of the road for my teaching career? Am I ready to stop teaching, bearing in mind the fact that it is the passion of my life? Did I share all my knowledge and wisdom with my students? I began to question the logic behind imposing such a restriction based on age. Some experts suggest that the diminishing of one' ...
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Share Shanghai, a City that Caters to all Tastes
2015-6-5 15:24
Shanghai, a City that Caters to all Tastes
Being an avid traveler, I had the opportunity to visit most metropolitan cities worldwide. After making China my home away from home in 2003, visiting Shanghai, one of my favorite cities, became my top priority. Recently, I had the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of exploring its magical wonders. As a student, I read, extensively, about the city motivated by the mystery surrounding it and portrayed in foreign movies. However, I never imagined that the glory of t ...
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Share An Endless Struggle with Smart yet Irritating Chinese Mosquitoes
2015-6-2 06:27
After residing in China for the past twelve years, I still dread the arrival of summer due to the fact that I am having an endless struggle with the smart yet aggravating Chinese mosquitoes. Regardless of my efforts, I seem to fail in persuading them to leave me alone in order to accomplish the impossible task of having a peaceful night sleep. My struggle with them began as soon as I arrived in China in 2003. My first night in China was spent playing a game of hide an ...
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Share Guilin, a Piece of Heaven on Earth
2015-5-22 06:43
Guilin, a Piece of Heaven on Earth
After residing in China for the past twelve years, I had the opportunity to explore the exotic city of Guilin. Actually, it was my second visit to the city. However, during my first visit, I had no time to enjoy its magical scenery. During my recent visit, I was accompanied by Chinese wife, which facilitated our movements since my Chinese leaves a lot to be desired. This time, we opted to take the fast train to go to Guilin to permit us the chance to rejoice in the beautiful sc ...
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Share We Must Protect Our Youth from Being Lured By ISIS
2015-5-15 18:33
Being a Muslim author and educator, I have been. Frequently, asked by some of my students about ISIS and why it is becoming a fixture in the media. I attempted to explain to them that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam or its principles in vain. I realized that due to the extensive coverage of the movement, most youth worldwide had acquired a profound curiosity regarding its authenticity and its impact upon the world in which we exist. It is a common knowledge that it h ...
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Share Happy Mother’s Day to Our Guardian Angels, Our Moms
2015-5-8 17:06
Many people don’t believe in the existence of guardian angels but I do. They live among us and shower us with their bottomless treasure of love and affection. They, generously, sacrifice their lives to cater for our needs without ever complaining. They are our mothers. After carrying us for nine months, they spend their times taking care of us as babies and never cease to offer helping hands even when we become adults with our own children. How can we show our appreciation toward ...
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Share Exploitation of Young Chinese Women by Some Conscienceless and Morally-Corrupt F
2015-5-3 12:23
With the doors open for foreign experts to flood into China, several unprincipled foreigners found their way to Chinese cities. Their objective was not to share their expertise with their Chinese hosts but to spread their wings of deceit among unsuspecting innocent Chinese ladies who had the misfortune of crossing their paths. One can ask an important question may pose itself regarding the reasons that gear Chinese ladies to seek foreign husbands. It is a common fact ...
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  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 23:49

    On what grounds? You are reading too much western press. (Or Jenflex's posts).

  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 22:32

    Admittedly, Donald Trump is what is called an unorthodox political figure, loud and as you said, impulsive as evidenced by his seemingly off-the-cuff tweets.
    Nevertheless, people may get used to his unpredictability over time, or even start to enjoy the drama surrounding him. You may find the US political scene too drab after Donald Trump steps down as president. lol.

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