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Share Hopes and Aspirations for the Year of the Monkey
2016-2-19 06:04
As the Year of the Goat came to an end along with the arrival of the Year of the Monkey, I sat down to contemplate about the highlights of the passing year and my hopes and aspirations for the new one. One of the highlights of the year of the goat was my discovery of the mesmerizing beauty of Guilin. After residing in China for more than 12 years, I thought that I had acquired sufficient information about my beloved China that nothing would captivate my mind and captur ...
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Share Chinese Cross the Ocean to spend the New Year with their kids
2016-2-6 22:29
Seizing the opportunity of having the winter holiday, I decided to go pay a visit to my wonderful daughter in Montreal, Quebec. On my flight to Montreal, I was surprised to discover the plane was filled with Chinese individuals and families. Bearing in mind the fact that winter is unsuitable season to visit Canada, I began to wonder about the reasons that would prompt my fellow Chinese passengers to venture into the freezing cold of my homeland. ...
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Share The Actual Hidden Meaning of Some English Phrases We Say But Never Mean
2016-1-22 14:58
Few days ago, an acquaintance of mine uttered the phrase “We will keep in touch” before leaving. The tone of his voice and the expressions on his face indicated that he has no intention of ever contacting me and he wishes that I would do the same. That led me to take a moment and flash back to my previous encounters with some of my acquaintances. To my surprise, I discovered that neither those who uttered the phrase nor I kept in touch with each other.. I began to think about ph ...
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Share Is Teaching a Job or a Passion?
2016-1-15 13:20
Few days ago, I was conducting a seminar for Chinese primary, middle and high schools English teachers. A couple of the fundamental questions that I posed to the attendees of that seminar were: “Why did you select teaching as a career? What is the most important quality that should be acquired by a teacher? I was surprised by the responses that I received from them. Pertinent to the first question, their responses indicated that most of them didn’t select teaching as ...
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Share Christmas and the New Year, a Time for Reflection and Contemplation
2015-12-25 07:01
As Christmas and the New Year approach, I begin to feel the heartache and anguish of being far from home. I do miss the festive atmosphere of celebrating the holidays in my country, Canada. In my hometown, Montreal, Quebec, the streets and the department stores are decorated with Christmas trees and ornaments to reflect the celebratory mood of the occasion. People go on a shopping spree to select appropriate gifts for their loved ones. Companies and organi ...
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Share Can Human Transcend Their Religious Differences to Coexist Harmoniously?
2015-10-28 14:11
Scanning through daily newspapers, one may fall victim to despondency and despair. Nowadays, the majority of the media is focusing on the friction between Muslims and other religions. Reading all about the protests in Europe and USA against Islam leads one to believe that people of various religious beliefs can’t coexist with one another. The protesters believe that the spread of Islam may lead to the deterioration of the Western civilization. Is that true? One may ar ...
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Share Canadian Thanksgiving, a Time to Reminisce about Beautiful Memories
2015-10-12 12:21
As a Canadian residing in China, I always attempt to celebrate both the Canadian and Chinese festivities. Rejoicing on the Canadian feasts permits me the opportunity to reminisce about my beautiful memories that I acquired during the span of my life in Canada while sharing the joys of their Chinese counterparts brings me closer to my Chinese family (I married to a Chinese wife) and friends. One of the Canadian holidays that I look forward to is the Can ...
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Share Mastering the Art of Communication
2015-8-25 18:53
Without stating the obvious, communication is the fundamental element of any interactions between human beings. It is the backbone of a successful relationship either it is a marriage, a friendship or a partnership. No one can deny the fact that it is an essential ingredient in establishing a lucrative business. We may wish to explore the reasons behind our needs to communicate. One of the main incentives or motivation to communicate is the fact that we refer to communication to sat ...
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Share How to experience happiness!
2015-8-19 18:24
We, all without exceptions, spend most of our lives chasing after an intangible or an abstract idea called Happiness. However, is it a tangible feeling or an elusive concept? The fundamental question should focus on the meaning of happiness and the means to experience it. Some people may experience happiness through accumulating wealth while others would consider achieving exceptional success in their careers an easy route to enjoying the exhilarating benefits of happiness. ...
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Share Private or public schools, a real dilemma
2015-8-12 17:37
It is a well-known fact that education plays a fundamental role in shaping one’s future. Consequently, parents must be selective in choosing the appropriate schools for the education of their beloved children. Some experts believe that private schools have the means to offer a high quality education while others insist on the fact that their public counterparts, effectively, prepare their students for the challenges of the future. Regardless of ...
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  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 23:49

    On what grounds? You are reading too much western press. (Or Jenflex's posts).

  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 22:32

    Admittedly, Donald Trump is what is called an unorthodox political figure, loud and as you said, impulsive as evidenced by his seemingly off-the-cuff tweets.
    Nevertheless, people may get used to his unpredictability over time, or even start to enjoy the drama surrounding him. You may find the US political scene too drab after Donald Trump steps down as president. lol.

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