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Share Constructive Dialogue, the Only Way to Resolve the China South Sea Conflict
2016-6-1 05:14
We seem to lose the common sense to learn from history that conflicts can’t be resolved by engaging in trivial and futile wars. We had numerous opportunities to observe t hroughout history that wars led to nothing but destruction and deterioration and maybe collapsing of major economies. Nevertheless, we tend to ignore the valuable historical lessons for the sake of promoting political agendas. The Middle East conflict is a perfect ex ...
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Share We need to revolutionize Chinese studying habits
2016-5-23 10:01
On my way to class, I watched some students pacing back and forth while repeatedly reciting English words in an attempt to memorize their spelling. I could not resist the temptation to stop and ask few of them about the objectives that they wish to achieve from that trivial exercise. They indicated that they wanted to learn the English words by heart. Their answer led me to ask them about the success of their previous attempts. After ...
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Share USA Double Talk Does Not Advance Peace in East Asia
2016-5-12 16:01
A thorough look at the USA foreign policy, one may discover that Americans have been dealing with major issues, from the Middle East Crisis to the latest tension between China, Japan and Philippine, using double talk. Through the international venues of diplomacy, the USA insists that it entirely supports the efforts of resolving the conflict peacefully through constructive dialogue. However, behind the scenes, it entices and encourag ...
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Share Is Egypt embarking upon another revolution?
2016-4-30 16:37
Despite making China my home, I still have a great deal of concern about my birth nation, Egypt. It will always have a place in my heart due to the fact that the rest of my family live there. To put my mind at ease, I usually, scan the venues of the media looking for news about Egypt. During the past few weeks, I began to suffer from mental anguish after reading about the latest protests against president Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi after he handed over two strategic ...
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Share Simplifying the Art of English Writing
2016-4-14 08:05
“Give a person a fish and he/she will eat a meal, teaches him/her how to fish, he/she will eat for life” Few weeks ago, I began to contemplate about the above adage when my students expressed their inability to grasp the concept of English writing. Their fear of failing their English writing exams aroused my curiosity and led me to venture into the task of simplifying the process of composing a stimulating and thought provo ...
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Share Is getting Rid of Terrorism Possible?
2016-4-4 19:52
As I was scanning the daily newspapers, I came across the horrible news regarding the latest horrendous terrorists’ attacks in Brussels, Belgium, on March 22nd, 2016 at the airport and the train stations that claimed the lives of more than 30 victims and injured more than 200 persons. With a broken heart, I realized that those horrifying attacks and explosions have become almost daily occurrences. Taking few moments to c ...
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Share We ought to celebrate Easter regardless of our religious beliefs
2016-3-25 10:23
I am always asked by my students about my religious beliefs due to the fact that I am a foreigner . They assume that I am a Christian since I celebrate all Christian festivities with them. They always rise to the occasion by offering me their best wishes on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Holidays. Gracefully, I, usually, accept them with expression of my gratitude toward their kindness and thoughtfulness. To satisfy your curiosity, I con ...
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Share Did we become slaves to our electronic devices?
2016-3-25 10:20
Few weeks ago, I watched in bewilderment one of my students getting infuriated for misplacing her cellular phone. That prompted me to ask her the following question: “What would you do if you lose it and you could not afford buying a replacement?” With horror on her face for the thought of living without a cellular phone, she responded “I would die.” Of course, I thought that she was being melodramatic by exaggerating the impact of surviving wi ...
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Share The Harmonization of both Chinese and Western Cultures
2016-3-16 21:48
Few weeks ago, after thanking one of my students for helping me to accomplish a teaching task, I was surprised by, yet proud of, her graceful response. The genuine exchange occurred naturally without any pretentiousness from either my student or I. I uttered the words of gratitude “Thank you for helping me” And she gracefully and eloquently responded “It was my pleasure”. That minor incident prompted me to flash back to my fir ...
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Share Did women achieve equality with men?
2016-3-15 13:15
On March 8th, 2016, the whole planet celebrated the International Day of Women. However, one may ask about the reasons that could gear the members of the gentle gender to participate in that precious event. Did they achieve their objectives of being treated as equals to their male counterparts? It is too obvious that we made a great progress in our own perceptions regarding the role that they play in our societies of today. Should we be complacent ...
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  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 23:49

    On what grounds? You are reading too much western press. (Or Jenflex's posts).

  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 22:32

    Admittedly, Donald Trump is what is called an unorthodox political figure, loud and as you said, impulsive as evidenced by his seemingly off-the-cuff tweets.
    Nevertheless, people may get used to his unpredictability over time, or even start to enjoy the drama surrounding him. You may find the US political scene too drab after Donald Trump steps down as president. lol.

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