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Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility?

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It seems that a new Trump's scandal or controversy surfaces on the venues of the media on a daily basis. One may wonder about reasons behind his ability to withstand the heat to remain president of the USA (POTUS).

With a defiant attitude, president Trump is using Twitter to  defend his illogical and impulsive behavior while lauding his questionable accomplishments.

Despite his adamant attempt to quell the accusations regarding his administration ties to the Russians and their interference in the last American  presidential election, the issue remained vivid in the minds of most Americans especially after the explosive testimony of former head
of the FBI, James Comey in front of the Senate  Selected Committee on Intelligence. Most political analysts construed Trump's attempt to persuade Comey to end his investigation of Michael Flynn as a clear obstruction of justice.
With Trump's lying about the existence of tapes of his meetings with James Comey to sway him from testifying, a talk of impeachment turned from whisper from opponents of president Trump into loud voices from most members of the Democratic Party and some prominent members of the Republican Party.

Recently, Trump's demeaning and personal attacks tweets of Mika Brzezinski gathered wide condemnation from members of the American political and social spectrums. The personal attacks on Mika were categorized as despicable and disgusting by American women groups.
The Tweets geared four more democrats in the house to sign onto the bill
of impeachment.

Can president Trump survive the multiple scandals to avoid the humiliation of being impeached during his first year in office? Political analysts are divided. 

Trump's scandalous actions merited appointing a non-partisan special prosecutor, Robert Mueller to investigate him. Trump's insinuation that he may fire Robert Mueller could justify his impeachment.

Trump's supporters think that president Trump will evade the humiliation of an impeachment due to the fact that republicans who control both American houses, the senate and the congress, will be hesitant and reluctant to impeach a republican president. Nevertheless, they believe that to avoid impeachment, Trump needs to coordinate his public statements to be consistent with those of his staff and limit his use of Twitter. 

According to latest public polls, more Americans are in favor of impeachment than those who oppose it. With the midterm elections in 2018 are approaching, republicans have to decide whether to listen to their constituents and proceed with the impeachment process or stick to
their loyalty to the party. Only time will tell.

Most people believe that president Trump is his own worst enemy. With his impulsive tweets and public statements, he seems to put his administration in turmoil and create chaos among his staff members. He should take few moments to reflect on them before allowing the public to see them. 

Examining the issue from a Chinese perspective, president Xi was able to create a constructive rapport with president Trump during his visit to the USA. Most Chinese hold conflicted  views of Trump.
What do the latest developments in the American political spectrum mean to them? What  will happen to the Chinese American relation if president Trump impeached? To answer the previous questions, I exchanged views with some Chinese and scanned the Chinese news outlets and social media. Chinese doubt that president Trump will be impeached emphasizing that he seems to be able to survive one crisis after another. 

As for the bilateral relation between China and the USA will remain intact
regardless of who is occupying the oval office.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report DMZappa 2017-7-12 23:49
On what grounds? You are reading too much western press. (Or Jenflex's posts).

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  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 23:49

    On what grounds? You are reading too much western press. (Or Jenflex's posts).

  • Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-7-12 22:32

    Admittedly, Donald Trump is what is called an unorthodox political figure, loud and as you said, impulsive as evidenced by his seemingly off-the-cuff tweets.
    Nevertheless, people may get used to his unpredictability over time, or even start to enjoy the drama surrounding him. You may find the US political scene too drab after Donald Trump steps down as president. lol.

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