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President Xi, a World Class Leader

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Leaders come and go but few are fortunate enough to leave their marks on the world stage.  

The fundamental question should be “What are the achievements and accomplishments of a leader that would qualify him or her to be included in the prestigious category of being one of the most influential and great leaders of the world? 

There are strict criteria that must be satisfied to be included in the prestigious category of being a great and influential leader. One of those conditions is his or her impact upon the survival and prosperity of the human race. Another is his role in creating an environment of mutually beneficial collaboration among the nations worldwide. Finally, what kind of role did he or she play in spreading the message of peace upon our universe? 

As a matter of fact, few previous leaders deserved that honor of being members of the high caliber leaders. Chairman Mao, Winston Churchill and Abe Lincoln are perfect examples. 

With the consecutive success of his world tours, President Xi rightfully deserves to be included in the prestigious category of world class leaders.  

With the unprecedented success of his world tours to every corner of the universe, he was able to build bridges of collaboration with nations in every continent of the world.  

His peaceful journeys resulted in signing mutually collaborative agreements that would lead to the continuous prosperity of the Chinese economy and to achieve harmonious coexistence between the world nations. 

Offering unconditional help to underdeveloped nations in Africa led to cementing the Chinese influence and garnered President Xi the admiration of conscientious people everywhere. Nevertheless, motivated by self-serving agendas by some Western countries, their leaders attempted to tarnish the honorable intentions of China by trying to paint China peaceful missions of giving a helping hand to underdeveloped countries in Africa as a hidden agenda of spreading the Chinese influence worldwide. 

President Xi achieved the same success in his peaceful journey of Europe that resulted in solidifying the bilateral and collaborative relations between China and the European nations. 

The same could be said regarding his journeys to Latin American and Asian countries. Those endeavors resulted in building bridges of trust between China and those nations. 

President showed admired wisdom in dealing with the challenges that were facing China during his tenure including the chaos and turmoil in the Middle East and the China South Sea Conflict.  

On several occasions including the G20 and world leaders meetings, he emphasized that China is willing to cooperate in creating an inclusive and open world where all members of the human race will benefit from the prosperity and the good fortune of mutually beneficial collaboration between the countries worldwide. 

In dealing with provocation from the Western media, President Xi refused to be engaged in slanderous and libelous exchange that would create an environment of hostility between China and the countries that host those venues of the media. 

President Xi unequivocally proved that he is an influential and powerful leader of high caliber. He convinced the most cynical political analysts that he is in touch with the reality and hardships of surviving in today’s competitive and fierce economical era.  

President Xi seems to understand very well the dynamics of dealing with obstacles that are facing our world and the importance of cooperation to overcome them to build a new peaceful world of prosperity in which poverty is a shadow from our past.  

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I agree

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