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Can China establish equal partnership with USA?

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During the last visit of Premier Li to the USA, China and the USA officials stated unequivocally that both nations wish to establish tighter ties. Moreover, Premier Li emphasized that he hopes to see more American investments in China and stressed China’s opposition to the deployment of THAAD.


However, the USA provocative actions, such as its intention of fulfilling the initial agreement with South Korea to deploy THAAD at the backyard of China and its biased stand with the Philippine on the conflict of the South China Sea, cast a shadow of doubt pertinent to its actual intentions.


It seems that China is taking reconciliatory and encouraging measures to achieve its aspiration of establishing an equal and mutually beneficial partnership with the USA that would benefit the whole world in general and the distinguished citizens of both countries in particular.


The most important question that seems to impose itself upon the thoughts of political analysts is “Can China achieve its noble goal bearing in mind the long history of major disagreements between the two countries on issues that are essential to the development and survival of both nations?”


Can China and the USA transcend their ideological and political differences to reach a satisfactory compromise to launch a genuine effort to reach that goal of working together to deal the tedious challenges that are facing the human race?


People worldwide would like nothing but to see the two powerful nations overcoming all obstacles to deal with major issues such as Global Warming, International Terrorism, Sagging Economies, Pollution and of course most of all Poverty that is spreading in Africa and other parts of the world.


Actuality tends to question the feasibility of attaining that objective. One may wonder about the reasons that may prevent fulfilling that universally-desired dream.


A closer look at the current events that are taking place on our planet, one may be struck on the face by the harsh reality.


People are slaughtered in some parts of the Middle East. China and the USA have different perspectives in resolving the conflicts in that region.


Logically, both nations wish to spare the lives of innocent victims that are the casualties of the war-torn countries in that area but they seem to differ on achieving a compromise to end the conflicts.


In addition, currently the USA is dealing with the turmoil that resulted in frequent violent acts in several USA cities due to the racial tension between minorities and the police force.


Furthermore, Americans are worried about the prospect of Mr. Trump winning the upcoming presidential election that will be held in November. With his divisive attitude that alienated Blacks, Hispanics and Muslim, the USA may be facing a period of chaos if he becomes the next American president.


Even if Hillary wins the election, there will be no major changes in the foreign policy of the USA. Of course, there are other obstacles that would impede China and the USA’s route to establishing equal partnership such the imbalance in trade and the suspicious nature of most American politicians toward China’s attempt to spread its peaceful influence by helping underdeveloped countries get off from under the devastating poverty.


Can China and the USA overcome all of the abovementioned obstacles to fulfill the Chinese aspiration of establishing equal partnership with the USA? We must dare to dream but only time can tell if we will see our dreams become a reality.


Nevertheless, objectivity and realism may lead one to hope for observing improvements in the relation between the two powerful countries.

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Perhaps the Chinese need to involve themselves

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