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President Xi, Rightfully, Earned the World Respect

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It is too obvious that during the last few weeks, the world eyes were focused on China and its president due to the fact that President Xi was chairing the last 2016 meeting of the G20.

With the turmoil and chaos that is spreading worldwide, people everywhere were hanging to a thread of hope that the recent meeting of the G20 would be different by dealing with urgent international crisis and challenges that may torn our world apart.

Fortunately for the human race, President Xi gracefully and effectively chaired the meeting that led to groundbreaking achievements according to President Xi’s statement at the conclusion of the meeting.

President Xi took the initiative of creating an inclusive meeting by inviting the leaders of Chad who chairs the African Union, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Laos, who is the president of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Senegal who is the president of New African Partnership for Africa development, Spain, the permanent invitee, Singapore and Thailand.

The leaders of the G20 reached unprecedented agreement pertinent to outlining an efficient strategy to sustain global growth and development.

They attained consensus on, strengthening policies coordination, paving new path for growth and an effective handling of the global economy and finance.

The leaders of the G20 agreed on encouraging international trade and investments and facilitating their procedures. They emphasized the importance of inclusive growth and development of underdeveloped nations.

The leaders of the G20 reached a consensus on giving priority to the development of macro-policy framework that will help reduce the inequality and imbalance in global development.

President Xi stressed the essentiality of tackling the challenges of discovering new innovative means to sustain economic growth.

Without any doubt, President Xi played a crucial role in putting China’s stamp on the success of the 2016 meeting of the G20. He, rightfully, earned the respect of the world in general and that of Chinese in particular.

President Xi set an exemplary model for other leaders to follow in hosting the future meetings of the G20.

President Xi gained praise from political analysts worldwide for his graceful hosting of the meeting of the G20, his frank outlining of China path to modernization and the means by which the world leaders can proceed to sustain growth and development in order to create an inclusive world in which exchange of trade, ideas and technology is achieved to benefit the citizens of our world.

It is logical to assume that the recent meeting of the G20 has set a proper direction for the reform of its future meetings.

Most political observers attribute the groundbreaking achievements of the G20 to the resilience and determination of President Xi to achieve success in chairing the meeting.

The unprecedented success of the 2016 meeting of the G20 in Hangzhou is another triumph for China in its route to occupy its rightful place as one of the influential nations on earth.

As for me, I am continuously becoming an adulating fan of grace of the leadership of President Xi in leading China toward prosperity and sustainable growth.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-9-23 09:28
we have recommended your blog to the homepage.
Reply Report Sava 2016-9-23 10:29
voice_cd: we have recommended your blog to the homepage.
Thanks! Have a delightful weekend!
Reply Report seanboyce88 2016-9-25 13:00
president xi president xi president xi...

poor poor poor....

remove tongue from nether regions please. Its painful reading such blindingly obvious propaganda pieces. As G20 meetings go, the only thing that really came out of it was the environmental treaty, something you failed to analyse. The development of the economy comes out as a result of EVERY G20 meeting...nothing special there. And he was not praised worldwide, don't know what newspapers you were reading but things like the obama snub, the "holiday" for people living in the G20 area etc...these were not praised worldwide. Take your head out of the sand and stop producing this sub par trash.

Its painful to see the lengths some people will go to for a bit of cv building, along with posting this same article on countless other sites. Have you no shame?
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-9-26 23:32
seanboyce88: president xi president xi president xi...

poor poor poor....

remove tongue from nether regions please. Its painful reading such blindingly obvious p ...
this poster writes bizarrely one-sided posts on this site and the exact same pieces on other English language China related sites.
And if you notice, this alias does not respond either.

Probably one of many alias's belonging to the same poster on this forum.
Reply Report Ted180 2016-10-1 18:35
I have a generally-favourable opinion of Xi Jinping. However, I do not like the way he is allowing the 9-Dash-Line claim to destabilize the region or the way he has failed to control the DPRK (Kim family). I can empathize with legitimate Chinese claims for Taiwan and to remove US forces from ROK. I await developments. As for Chinese internal politics and human rights, I recognize the need for "central authority" and the lack of democratic experience in China.

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