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World's Expectations from the Leaders of G20

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In an attempt to stimulate a group of my friends to engage in a discussion about the meeting of the G20 in Hangzhou, China, I posed the following question to them:

“What do you expect from meeting of the leaders of the G20 in Hangzhou, China?”

I was amazed that most of them responded with the simple word “Nothing”. In order to examine the issue further, I asked them about the reasons behind their response they categorized me as being naïve if I believed that something constructive would come out of this meeting.

Elaborating further on their statement, they emphasized that the leaders of the G20 usually meet, issue statements of intention without any action to bring their ideas to life.

When I stated that the current meeting would be different since President Xi frankly outlined his government strategy to modernize China and open up to the world, they perplexed me with the same question about my expectations regarding the meeting of the G20.

After contemplation, I decided to write this article to state my expectations. I am certain that most people would agree with me that the leaders should come up with ideas to eliminate poverty or at least minimize its negative impact upon our existence. It is a black spot in the history of human beings that people, including children die from starvation in some parts of our world.

The leaders of the G20 should deal decisively with terrorist groups that endanger our existence including ISIS. It is our shame that innocent people including children continuously become victims of terrorist groups to advance their religious ideologies.

It is the responsibility of the leaders of the G20 to come up with satisfactory and innovative ideas to end the wars that are tearing Syria and other countries apart.

No one would dispute the importance of protecting our environment from pollution by minimizing the agents that cause it. The world believe that with little patience and willingness to compromise, the G20 leaders can achieve an agreement to accomplish that objective.

The leaders of the G20 ought to find a resolution to the Middle East conflict that gives terrorist groups the golden opportunity to recruit new members

It is a shame that the people in some third world and underdeveloped countries are struggling to barely survive while their counterparts in industrial nations are immersing themselves in luxurious lifestyles

There is an essential need for the leaders of the G20 to set an exemplary model, by working together to solve the problems that are suffocating our planet, for other nations to follow suit.

One may wonder about the possibility of dealing with all the above issues in two days (4th and 5th of September). Probably not but they could arrange other meeting of lower level of governments to deal with the details of bringing the leaders’ ideas into life.

They can handle the issues systematically one by one. Most of all, they should come with an effective and efficient strategy to deal with each problem and ensure that the progress in resolving the issue is followed up to its completion.

Am I being unrealistic to expect all of that from the leaders of the G20? Maybe, I am but I am not the only one. We, all, believe that the leaders of the G20 possess the energy and resources to fulfill our hopes and aspirations.

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