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Egypt Needs China’s Help and Expertise

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Having Egypt as the country of my birth and China as my current home, both nations hold a very special place in my heart. Consequently, I am inclined to seize every opportunity to participate in strengthening the historic kinship and diplomatic relation between them.

Historically, China and Egypt established diplomatic relationship 60 years ago. In addition, China has been an adamant supporter of the Arabic causes. Most Arab nations were tremendously grateful and reciprocated by siding with China in International issues.

The relationship between the two nations with glorious ancient civilizations, flourished during Nasser and Chairman Mao presidencies.

Without stating the obvious, most Egyptians are fond of their Chinese counterparts. They feel soul and traditional connections toward them. Both nationalities are hospitable and friendly with eternal devotion to family values.

During my flight to Cairo, Egypt, I encountered a group of employees from the Egyptian ministry of international collaboration. They were sent for a workshop in Beijing in collaboration with the Chinese government. They emphasized that the workshop was very beneficial. 

They hoped that the cultural, technological and trade exchange between China and Egypt would become more frequent and extensive to benefit the distinguished citizens of both countries.

Asking them about their impressions of the Chinese people, they emphasized that they were friendly, accommodating and helpful. They exerted every possible effort to make their stay enjoyable. However, they stressed that despite its artistic beauty, they found the Chinese language to be difficult.

During my short visit to Egypt, I was swamped with inquisitive questions from family and friends about my current home, China. They were fascinated by the swift development of Chinese economy.

They expressed great hope that China could help Egypt in transcending its economical hardship by establishing collaborative projects in Egypt.

With the low value of the Egyptian pound (one US dollar is equivalent to approximately 9 pounds), Egypt is a reasonably attractive tourist destination.

Chinese could participate in rejuvenating the tourism industry in Egypt by selecting Egypt as their next tourist destination. They will be welcomed with open hearts and friendly attitude from both the Egyptian government and the Egyptian people.

Egypt is in urgent need of foreign currency to fulfill its national and international obligations.

My family and friends hope to see more Chinese tourists in Egypt to enjoy its historical sights in Cairo, Luxur, Aswan, El-Menia and Assiut. They may rejoice in the mesmerizing beauty of the recreational resorts in Sharm El-Sheikh, El-Khardaka (Hurghdaka), and Alexandria.

With its moderate winter climate and Shining sun, Egypt is a perfect winter travel destination for those who wish to escape the freezing climate of Northern China.

Egypt possesses many venues for investment in almost all domains in which Chinese businesspeople could venture into with lucrative returns on their investments.

Egypt can benefit tremendously from the Chinese experience in turning over its economy by increasing exports and minimizing imports.

Egypt seems to import 90 % of its essential products which represent a burden on its budget. Despite the Egyptian government attempts, Egypt depends on foreign imports to satisfy the fundamental needs of its citizens.

For certain, Egypt has the manpower to employ in producing export products. Chinese experts can offer constructive advice and guide their Egyptian counterparts in accomplishing that objective.

Egypt is invited to the G20 meeting that will be held next month in Hangzhou. Egyptians hold a great hope that President El-Sissi with the help of President Xi will persuade their counterparts that Egypt is a safe for foreign investments and tourism.

Hopefully, both presidents Xi and El-Sissi will have time to explore possible means of strengthening the historical relation between China and Egypt.

To celebrate the glorious occasion, both countries held events to mark their 60 years of diplomatic kinship and diplomatic relation including the Chinese Egyptian Cultural year, which began in January 2016 in the Luxor temple..

Currently, Egyptian team of experts from the Egyptian ministry of culture is visiting Guangzhou to put the final touches for the final event of the Chinese Egyptian cultural year.

The group will meet with the Chinese minister of Culture in Beijing to explore new venues of cultural collaboration between China and Egypt. They will discuss the provisions of the protocol of the Cinematic production agreement which includes facilitating producing movies in both countries. 

They will explore effective means to use the financial assistance that China was generous enough to offer to build Luxor Opera using Pharaoh ancient style.

I hope that both my beloved countries maintain their historical kinship and their collaboration will prosper to benefit their distinguished citizens.

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-8-31 17:03
thanks for sharing such a good topic, old friend, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-9-1 15:31
I am waiting to see how long it takes you to put this on other English language sites.

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