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Constructive Dialogue, the Only Way to Resolve the China South Sea Conflict

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We seem to lose the common sense to learn from history that conflicts can’t be resolved by engaging in trivial and futile wars.


We had numerous opportunities to observe throughout history that wars led to nothing but destruction and deterioration and maybe collapsing of major economies. Nevertheless, we tend to ignore the valuable historical lessons for the sake of promoting political agendas.


The Middle East conflict is a perfect example of the perils of wars. Arabic countries went through several wars without being able to resolve the conflict. Those wars caused nothing but chaos and victimized millions of people.

With all the chaos that is spreading its wings of doom upon our planet, do we need another war in East Asia to resolve the conflict regarding the China South Sea Territorial dispute? The majority of citizens of the countries involved in the conflict would respond, without apprehension, negatively.


It is logical to assume that the China South Sea Conflict is a regional conflict between those involved and should be resolved through constructive dialogue between them without the interference of other countries.

“President Xi: Talks key to resolving differences”

President Xi understood that fact which led him to emphasize it in his speech in Beijing on Thursday, April 28th, 2016. He indicated that China is committed to resolving the conflict peacefully through effective and well-intentioned communication with the countries involved in the conflict.


President Xi hoped that the China South Sea would become a symbol of peace and friendship between the neighboring countries that are involved in the conflict.


Interference, from other nations, would escalate the conflict. Furthermore, by no means it could bring a successful outcome that would satisfy those involved in the conflict.


Siding with one country against another for certain would damage diplomatic relations among the parties involved.


Some nations believe that it is their responsibility to act as the big brother who would be able to bridge the gap of differences between the nations involved in the conflict.


That would be a commendable initiative if they could acquire the wisdom to act as impartial mediators. The sad truth is most of the nations that attempted to get involved were biased in favor of Japan and the Philippine and against China.


Without any doubt, resolving the conflict peacefully and through constructive communications between all concerned would lead to improving the bilateral relations between those nations and China.


China, Japan and the Philippine need to be realistic enough to realize that they have no other option but to open channels of communications at all levels to come up with a solution to the conflict that would lead to enhancing the diplomatic collaborative relations between them.


Each country must come to the table with open mind and a compromising attitude in order to achieve reasonable success.


Other powers who wish to get involved, they should combat the temptation of siding with other nations against China. They ought to examine their need to stick their noses in regional conflicts that have nothing to do with them.


Keeping the tension in the region may lead to catastrophe consequences not only on East Asia but also on every nation on Earth.


Achieving a satisfactory resolution to the China South Sea could be an exemplary model that may be used to deal with other world conflicts.


For the sake of all concerned, I hope that sooner than later, the conflict regarding the China South Sea, can be resoled peacefully so that the China South Sea could be a sea of peace and friendship as president Xi stated on Thursday, April 28th, 2016.

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-6-1 10:22
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2016-6-1 12:52
The Pacific is a big ocean and America may say it is a Pacific Power, but it is dangerous to bathe in waters too far from home. Keep the dialogue between those directly involved in the region.
Reply Report Ted180 2016-6-1 21:00
I tend to agree that the US should avoid too much involvement. US should encourage its "Asian friends" to compromise with China. Definitely not encourage stubborn hostility toward China. But, to set a tone of international trust and responsibility, China should compromise too. I will add that I think this conflict is not nearly as serious as many believe.
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-6-2 14:10
most are compromises ..
Reply Report SEARU 2016-6-2 16:14
ColinSpeakman: The Pacific is a big ocean and America may say it is a Pacific Power, but it is dangerous to bathe in waters too far from home. Keep the dialogue betw ...
The White House might think that it is still safe to play fire on the sea since they could jump into water to save their own life if they catch fire!
Reply Report samlam 2016-6-3 14:13
Everybody knows that a talk can help us solve a conflict, but now there is no talk. Each party has his own opinion. They do not want to sit down and talk about it.
Reply Report seanboyce88 2016-6-4 11:16
"It is logical to assume that the China South Sea Conflict is a regional conflict between those involved and should be resolved through constructive dialogue between them without the interference of other countries."

I hate it when people do this in arguments. IT IS NOT LOGICAL, THIS IS NOT HOW LOGIC WORKS.

Lets look at it from another view point. Chinese people see it as "We are Chinese, you are (insert country)

What if I were to say "we are all human first then we carry our nationalities?"
Under this scenario, intervening in such disputes is a way of PROTECTING HUMANS!

This is the problem with the Chinese dialect on the South China sea, China and many of it's people are simply to blinded by the party line to understand that there even exists another perspective and are not willing to think about it from the other perspective. And it's reasons like this, not the tourists, not the bad manners, but this that you China lose 面子.

It's Ironic that you call this article "constructive dialogue" because the Chinese approach is not constructive. You ask others to be constructive and yet China's policy on the south china sea is "It's ours, if you say otherwise we don't listen" 《------THIS IS NOT LOGICAL.

Tensions are rising, but quite honestly, from the worlds point of view it looks like China are the aggressors, building islands and placing MILITARY EQUIPMENT on them. No other country has done anything like that over this dispute.

very good article though (not shouting at you the writer, shouting about the situation)

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