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We ought to celebrate Easter regardless of our religious beliefs

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I am always asked by my students about my religious beliefs due to the fact that I am  a foreignerThey assume that I am a Christian since I celebrate all Christian festivities with them.

They always rise to the occasion by offering me their best wishes on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Holidays. Gracefully, I, usually, accept them with expression of my gratitude toward their kindness and thoughtfulness.

To satisfy your curiosity, I consider myself to be a spiritual individual who believes that religions are personal and private issues.

I do believe that we should share the joys of all holidays with our fellow human beings regardless of our religious beliefsActually, we will be celebrating the event social’s consequences, that bring people together, rather than its religious or political significance.

On Sunday, March 27th, 2016, the Christian communities worldwide will be celebrating Easter, which signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ (The rising of Christ after his death and burial). However, we ought to put aside its religious significance to share the joys of the occasion with Christians in our own communities or Christian friends around the globe.

Easter is, mostly, celebrated in the Western world as a social event rather than a religious one. Families gather together to satisfy their taste buds with a variety of delicious dishes.

Their breakfast starts with sumptuous samples of muffin frittatas, cheese quiches, pickled eggs, and ham and egg casserole. For lunch, they nip on chicken, seafood, ham, egg salad, and Easter bread in which they hide a coin. The individual who gets the slice of bread with the coin is considered to be lucky.

For kids they hold eggs coloring contests to select the best colored egg to win a symbolic prize. Schools for kids do the same.

Most families organize Treasure hunts in which they hide chocolate among other sweets and ask the kids to find them. It seems that kids enjoy participating in such activities.

How can Chinese enjoy the social activities of the Easter Holiday? Families could get together with their kids and share the joys of coloring eggs with them.

They may allow their kids the chance to explore the pleasure of finding pieces of chocolate or some coins by hiding them at home and giving them simple directions on how to find them. They kids will get excited when they succeed in their journey of discovery.

In addition to being a great deal of fun, the activity may help the family to create beautiful memories together that will last a life time. It could also strengthen the bond between the parents and their children.

Schools for kids can follow suit by holding coloring contests, treasure hunts or writing competitions to encourage their students to discover their hidden creative talents.

As for me, I, usually seize the opportunity of Easter to share moments of pure fun and joy with my students by organizing games of treasure hunting in which they can find one, two, five RMB or a blank piece of paper hidden in the classroom.

I wish to seize this opportunity to wish all Christians worldwide a Very Happy Easter and an enjoyable event for all regardless of their religious beliefs.

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Reply Report RonJaDa 2016-3-26 00:27
I agree - the world needs more people celebrating and smiling.

I really think of both Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas as family holidays - celebrate what we have and share if we are fortunate enough (share a smile, it costs nothing)
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-3-28 23:56
you are trying to reduce different cultural traditions to a one size fits all.
This can not be done for Easter or Christmas. Each Christian country has its own Easter traditions and foods.

I agree that religion is a personal and private matter, but you contradict yourself by asserting that we should share them with others.
I don't think Muslims, Jewish people, Hindu's, whatever would agree with what effectively is an trivialisation of the different customs by trying to make them appeal to people of different beliefs, or those with no beliefs.
I am sure I would be viciously condemned by some Muslims if I tried to socialise Ramadan as a non-Muslim 'festival' and make it 'fun' for those who would make no attempt to understand the background to the fasting and all the other observances.

I would have at least enough respect not to try and make any of these things 'fun' holidays for children without a cultural context.
Reply Report 12dream 2016-3-30 12:52
Sorry, have to disagree here because:

1.   In China, there are already too many festivals from thousands of years in accumulations of various ethnic cultures that westerners or foreigners have totally NULL knowledge about; and neither do they enjoy nor join in those Chinese festivals.

2.  The western influences of so-called Christianity / Catholicism do have their own merits in the places where such faiths came about and they can enjoy those festivals with food and fire-waters however they like till they piss in the streets and corridors while waiting for fights / brawls just like cowboys did in their days. China has its own rules, historical meanings and respects for each festival, whereas Easter and so forth carry lesser meaningful aspects but are carving into salesman-promotions for commercial benefits !

ENOUGH of holidays in China !

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