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Canadian Thanksgiving, a Time to Reminisce about Beautiful Memories

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As a Canadian residing in China, I always attempt to celebrate both the Canadian and Chinese festivities.

Rejoicing on the Canadian feasts permits me the opportunity to reminisce about my beautiful memories that I acquired during the span of my life in Canada while sharing the joys of their Chinese counterparts brings me closer to my Chinese family (I married to a Chinese wife) and friends.

One of the Canadian holidays that I look forward to is the Canadian Thanksgiving Day (Le Jour de l'action de grâce).

On October 12th, 2015, Canadians will celebrate the precious occasion of Thanksgiving. It is a statutory holiday that falls on the second Monday of October each year.

Family and friends gather together to share a delicious meal and give thanks for the blessings that they received during the passing year.

They usually serve roasted turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet corn and pumpkin pie.

After satisfying their taste buds with deliciously prepared meals, men relax while enjoying watching The Doubleheader Football game that is held on the Thanksgiving Monday afternoon. They, usually, guzzle beer and engage in heated discussion about their favorite teams.

Their spouses exchange views and news while relaxing. Their children play outside on the yards.

Chinese educational institutions tend to put more emphasis on the American Thanksgiving which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. However, by sharing the joys of the Canadian Thanksgiving, they may help cement the friendly and strong relation between the two nations.

Some restaurants in big cities rise to the occasion by holding buffets or parties to allow their Canadian clients to enjoy the pleasures of being among their patriots.

Each year, I encourage my students to hold a dinner party at one of their favorite outlets to celebrate the occasion. The gathering allows them the chance to relax in a friendly atmosphere while establishing new friendships through seeing their teachers in a social environment and from a different perspective.

After dinner, I invite each student to share his or her thoughts, about what they are thankful for, with classmates.

During previous dinners to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving, my students expressed being thankful for having wonderful parents who sacrifice everything to permit them the opportunity to get an education. They were thankful for having the privilege of enhancing their knowledge with the help of foreign teachers.

I expressed being thankful for having the chance to share my knowledge and experiences with my students who always make feel proud.

To Canadians everywhere, especially those who reside in China, I wish them a very happy thanksgiving. As for Chinese fellows, if you know a Canadian living nearby or working with you, take a moment of your time to extend your best wishes and share the joys of the holiday with him or her.

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