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Multidimensional relationships and marriages

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Nowadays, most marriages end up in divorce. Few relationships can stand the test of time and last for more than 5 years. One may wonder about the reasons behind that phenomenon. Almost all marriages are based upon love. However, is love sufficient to keep the marriage or the relationship alive? Today, couples are facing numerous challenges in dealing with the hardships and complexity of life. We ought to pose the question: Is there a hope for human beings to be able to handle the issue of divorce efficiently and decisively? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is negative.


One may attribute the spread of divorce among married couples to the fact that the majority of marriages are single dimension relationships. A great number of marriages were founded on love. Some were established on friendships while others are more of business arrangements than love relationships.

I profoundly believe that if a man and a woman are meant for each other, they should attempt to establish a multi-facets or a multi-dimensional relationship. They should be lovers, husband and wife, best friends, brother and sister, soul mates and even strangers.

Being lovers permits them the opportunity to be erotically satisfied. They need to grasp the fact that they are a husband and a wife to honor their commitment to each other. Becoming best friends will facilitate communication between them. It is easier to talk to a friend than to converse with a lover. Perceiving each other as brother and sister instigates within them the feeling of belonging and the profound desire of never letting anything come between them.

Achieving the hard task of being soul mates will allow them the opportunity to feel that their love is eternal. From time to time, being strangers gives them the chance to relax and not to feel that they under each other’s microscopic eyes.


One may argue that establishing a multidimensional marriage is almost an impossible task. I must admit that their arguments are partially valid. However, with more efforts from both genders, a couple would be able to succeed in building a multi-facets relationship.


Another question may impose itself upon our train of thoughts. Could having multidimensional marriages eliminate the need for divorce? One ought to be realistic pertinent to one’s expectations. It could minimize or at decrease its rate.

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