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Exposing the Myth about the Romantic Nature of Foreigners

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My profound fascination with the harmonious combination of contradictions of the Chinese culture was one of the main reasons that prompted me to embark upon my wonderful journey to the land of glorious history, China in August 2003.

Being an author and an expert in the behavioral conduct of people had geared me to observe closely the misconceived notion acquired by the majority of Chinese ladies pertinent to the romantic nature of foreigners in general and men in particular.

Landing teaching assignments with various schools allowed me the golden opportunity to investigate the issue further. I was bewildered to discover that most Chinese ladies had an obstinate belief that most foreign men were born or conditioned to be romantic.

As a foreign gentleman myself who spent most of his life exploring the various aspects of the relationships between the two genders and wrote a couple of books and numerous articles about the complexities of the rapport and the gap of communication between men and women, I can assure you that foreign men may appear to be romantic yet their conduct toward their partners contradicts the basic definition of romanticism.

My inquisitive nature led me to conduct an extensive research regarding the issue. I embarked upon my research by interviewing my female students and colleagues. The fundamental questions that I posed to all of my interviewees were: “From where did you get the notion that foreign men are romantic? Did you or any of your friends or acquaintances have a romantic relationship with a foreigner that geared you to acquire that misconceived notion pertinent to the romantic nature of foreigners?”

I was perplexed by the responses that I received to my questions. Most of the women with whom I discussed the issue acquired the notion that foreigners are romantic by nature from watching foreign movies or reading romantic novels.

I attempted to convince them that foreign men may appear to be romantic but in actuality they are not different from Chinese men in vain. I also emphasized the fact that movies do not reflect the harsh reality of day to day lifestyles. Otherwise, they will stray from their primary objective of entertaining their target audiences.

Certainly, there are foreign men who are romantic but the same could be said about their Chinese counterparts. To be objective, foreigners tend to display their affection in public which may be construed as being romantic.

After a long and mentally tiring research, I came to the conclusions that people believe what coincides with their zones of comfort.

You may take a moment of your hectic lifestyle to explore the issue and come to your own conclusion.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-10 21:46
So, I asked some Chinese students why they thought New York Taxi cabs were yellow? They had never been to New York. They replied: we watched some movies about New York and read some books about New York.  I don't think they will be disappointed if they go there. Foreigners are romantic? There are role models and I am not about to disappoint that belief. You are a foreigner with a Chinese wife? You are romantic? If yes, then you are a case study to prove the point.  No need to dish others!
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-4-15 08:32
Thanks for your story here, we have highlighted it on homepage.
Reply Report seanboyce88 2014-4-15 10:08
It's funny, he second you state you are british they assume your are a gentleman...they really don't know the majority of British men.
Reply Report 财神 2014-4-15 10:24
your staying in china appears more romantic than me.  
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-15 13:02
Romance is quite important in the start of a relationship for most people. Sadly, as relationships develop, sometimes the romance dies. I think westerners do have a reputation for being romantic which is more than just from novels or films. It is actually true. But it takes two to tango!  
Reply Report objchina 2014-4-15 23:39
Romance is a big case...and it fade away where there is no longer trust.
Reply Report teamkrejados 2014-4-16 09:55
Why do people from all over the world come to China? Exotic? Mysterious? Did they answer some siren's call? Or is romance 'a mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal...' as described in the dictionary? If so, the foreigners flooding China are romantics. Even Chinese tales of derring-do describe adventurous figures as romantic, heroic. Wouldn't you say one would have to be adventurous to cast off everything familiar to live and work in China? Maybe that is another reason why the Chinese see foreigners as romantic.
Reply Report mutafire 2014-4-17 04:09
Well, i have seen more 'romance in China than out there... my best is when a couple get on a bike and the girl clings to the guy like a melts me

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