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The Spring Festival, a Time to Reflect

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As the festive occasions, such as the Spring Festival and the Chinese New Year, approach, I find myself drawn into a period of contemplation regarding my identity. Since I was born in Egypt, spent most of my life in Canada, resided in China for the past ten years and currently married to a Chinese lady, it is hard to figure out to which of these three glorious nations I do belong.

In my heart, I consider all of them to be my homes. I can’t imagine choosing one over the others. However, since I am living in China at the moment, one may conclude that I perceive China as my preferred residence. Nevertheless, all three countries played a major role in forming my personality.

During my first couple of years in China, I had the tendency to refer to my solitude during the Chinese festivities due to the fact that I had no idea of how to fit in with the great people of China. Now, I became aware of the reasons behind my previous attitude. I discovered that I was influenced by the negative picture that the Western media venues painted of China and the Chinese people.

As time passed by and I had the opportunity to interact with them, I realized that they are generous, friendly and hospitable individuals. They opened their homes and hearts to welcome me into their families. Gradually, my perceptions regarding them changed drastically. I became sympathetic and empathetic toward them.

Living with a wonderful Chinese lady, as my wife, permitted me the opportunity to grasp the essence of being a Chinese. I learned to acquire a hint of humility from her. Western people tend to be somehow arrogant and self-absorbed contrary to the Chinese individuals. Watching their compassion closely taught me to be compassionate and magnanimous toward the less fortunate.

By observing them sharing the joys and  pleasures of the Spring Festival with the members of their families and friends, I acquired a profound desire to be part of all of the fun activities from the fireworks to the gathering of families and friends to satisfy their taste buds with sumptuous and delicious Chinese delicacies.

To create a harmonious blend of Chinese, Canadian and Egyptian environment, my wife and I agreed to celebrate all the happy events in the three countries.  We seize every opportunity to enjoy the happy atmosphere of all those occasions.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish my fellow Chinese people Very Happy Holidays during the Spring Festival. I hope that the Chinese New Year grant all of you the chance to enjoy the exhilarating benefits of excellent health, the opportunity to achieve exceptional success and the circumstances to experience ultimate happiness. Finally, I aspire that you try to be safe while spreading the joy of the holidays among the members of your family and friends.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-5 15:19
A most welcome post, which seems to have been a little delayed in delivery!  It seems more than a couple of months late? Or very early for 2015 of course!

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