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Report english2008 2018-3-29 20:31
GreenNanning: 除了一些表达不准确,如丢弃似可译为discard或scrap,之外,总体感觉是太囿于原文的结构,导致英语的表达比较不连贯。可以考虑把意思进行整合再进行翻译,特别是 ...
Report english2008 2018-3-3 12:54
In the development of human society, some traditional cultural symbols will be lost, which is normal and must be have some specific reasons. Otherwise, people must try their best to preserve historical memory. The application of the UN intangible heritage is about to encourage such behavior. The l depth and breadth of history and culture from place names are even more than many protected tangible cultural heritage. For a certain period of time, the reason is related to the historical and cultural nihilism. In the early years of the Republic of China, the Peiyang Government even banned Chinese medicine clinics to open for business, and many Chinese traditional festivals were cancelled, including Zhengdan(commonly known as the first day of the Chinese lunar year), which was replaced by the New Year of the Gregorian calendar. Later, for the customary power of the masses was too strong, and it was changed to Spring Festival. Now we all call Chinese New Year as Spring Festival. Many place names are changing to less historical tastes, and they would be thought to be more progressive and the more fashionable, which are related to the historical and cultural nihilism.
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