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Share Staying Cool in the Summer Heats
austinong 2014-5-30 10:16
During these scorching hot summer days, I think back when I cursed at Winter's cruelty. Those below zero temperature and freezing chills that left me unable to move because of the thickness of the jackets and coverings that engulf me. The fevers and colds I had to suffer under. Now I long for the bleak whiteness embrace. Is this the beauty of having four seasons? Each season serves to make one appreciate the other season. Studies indicate people become more ...
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Share How do you know if that person is the one to marry?
austinong 2014-5-22 16:36
Do This Before You Say Yes to that Marriage Proposal **This is for all the special ladies who will one day get married. The Main Concern: Is he the right one? The number one concern of women before they say yes to the proposal of their life is whether they would be one day be included in the statistics of divorces. For the Filipino women, just because our country doesn’t have di vorce does not mean the wife is guaranteed happily ever after. For all the technical arguments on both ...
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Share I Saw the Future in Zhongcuancun
austinong 2014-5-16 23:06
I Saw the Future in Zhongcuancun
Went to a business/tech incubator cafe near Zhongcuancun... and I saw the future. It's amazing to feel alive at this very moment. Like Im in the middle of a moment when the life of Star Wars and Star Trek becomes reality and the life our forefathers knew slowly fleeting away. So close yet so far on both sides. But to be alive in the middle of the past and future really is a present. Motion-sensored computer mouse...
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Share Beautiful Beijing May
austinong 2014-5-16 08:53
For all the talk about pollution and high level Beijing smog, it is noteworthy to point out that May has been just beautiful. Breezy wind, clear skies, and ladies in colorful blouses For those who've stayed longer in China, is the good weather/air we are getting these days common in the month of May?
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Share Offering my seat to an elderly woman
austinong 2014-5-11 10:05
On a recent bus ride that took about 5 hours, I offered my seat to an old lady who had probably been standing for at least a good hour. Though I couldn't understand her completely due to her thick accent, it was clear she was thanking me profusely. When she found out I was a foreigner (I am often mistaken for being a native Chinese), she said, with a hint of regretful affection, something like "it's ___ that a foreigner rather than one of these Chinese would offer his seats" . ...
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Share Differences between Northern and Southern Chinese
austinong 2014-5-9 06:50
Visiting Guangzhou for a few days. Been hearing there are stark contrasts between "bei-fang-ren" and "nan-fang-ren". What are some of the famous ones?
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Share Medical Reform in China: A Doctor's Perspective
austinong 2014-4-30 11:07
Recently a spate of doctors being stabbed by angry patients/family members in Chinese hospitals has been reported in the news. It is a sad and scary thought. Having had 'bad' experiences in Beijing hospitals as a patient, I was not very fond of them and their doctors, and to some extent, empathized with the patients' more serious ordeals. Never once did I consider the plight of the doctors. I was privileged to have the chance to talk up close about this issue with one ...
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Share Living Green without living less: Top 5 Ways
austinong 2014-4-22 21:37
Living Green without living less: Top 5 Ways
I was inspired to write this after reading a couple of awesome blogs that shared tips on how to live healthily in Beijing. Special thanks to #jiewei798! I propose we can also do our share to make Beijing more green, by consuming less. It doesn't mean we have to lower our living standards, all it takes is a little bit more consideration and care for Mother Earth. There ...
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Share Beijing's Vibrant Offerings...How to find the balance?
austinong 2014-4-20 15:35
There are many "temptations" in life. Hang out with friends, meet new friends, join an extracurricular club, learn calligraphy or martial arts, study Chinese, attend extra classes, make some money teaching, hang out in the mall and window shop or people-watching, check out the latest high-priced items in branded stores, visit tourists attractions, attend the theater... What other activities do you love Beijing offers? I believe this vibrant way of life is often under-repr ...
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Share Chinese Students College Rejection Letter : Ways to handle "the Letter"
austinong 2014-4-18 13:33
Chinese Students College Rejection Letter : Ways to handle "the Letter"
*Warning-- please only use this advice if you feel you REALLY deserve to go to the dream US college you had applied for. And you don't understand why you were rejected. There's no guarantee that the advice below will work for anyone, but if it's worth a try. The story: One of my student (let's call her JennJenn) was rejected from the US school she had applied in. She was totally confused as to why she had been rejected because the college had actually visited h ...
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