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Share A Letter to a Thief
2016-1-17 10:19
A Letter to a Thief
Dear Thief; First, I'd like to thank you for affirming my feeling: my bike, with its sassy red and white striping, is worth a second look. No doubt that is what prompted you to take a closer look at it, thus realizing you could make off with one of its accessories. The computer attached to the handlebars might not be of much use to you, especially since you only took the display – not the wiring, sensor or mounting cradle, but then: who knows what motivates a thief to st ...
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Share Winter Break
2016-1-14 19:26
Winter Break
For many in China, the travails of travel have begun. The upcoming holiday, Chinese New Year is the most revered and most celebrated holiday in the country. It is called Chun Jie 春节, which translates to Spring Festival. Traditionally, this holiday marks the start of spring, as well as the Lunar New Year. During Chinese New Year, college students return home for their 5-week break, food vendors shut down their stands and wheel them off the streets, migrant workers get to s ...
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Share Over The Top
2016-1-11 17:42
Strangely enough, the Chinese don’t seem to be acquainted with the ‘Less is More’ philosophy. In itself that is a paradox, considering the relative simplicity of the typical home over here, especially the kitchen. As you might know, the typical Chinese kitchen consists of: a wok and a pot, a round-head spatula (to better cook in a curved bottom wok), a meat cleaver, maybe a knife but definitely a cutting board, a ladle, a few sets of chopstick and a few bowls. There is so ...
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Share Alice and Sylvia
2016-1-7 10:25
A few months ago, one of my colleagues asked me what I thought our students' biggest problem was, with regard to administration. “Lack of accountability” was my immediate response. He mulled it over for a few seconds, and came to the same conclusion. I don't know about other schools but here, students can 'play' on their phones the whole of class time, while the teacher lectures on and on. They can hold none-too-quiet conversations; our teachers have recently been outfitt ...
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Share 2015: The Year in Review
2016-1-3 09:22
By all accounts, personal and general, one could say that this has been a bad year. For some reason, I saw fit to snap my leg while on a hike, which resulted in emergency surgery 5 days before boarding a plane back to China, in February. It took me nearly all year to heal. Meanwhile, the trickle that had been Syrian refugees early in the year turned into a flood because of escalating violence in their homeland. ISIS further claimed responsibility for an attack in Paris and again in San ...
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Share Sense and Common Sense
2015-12-13 09:01
Sense and Common Sense
Many of us have thought of the seemingly nonsensical actions of our Chinese friends: throwing lit cigarette butts into trash cans, driving on the sidewalk or causing bottleneck traffic situations because everyone crams into the only available lane from all directions at once, opening a bus window when the air conditioning is cranking out cool air... and others. Let's not forget that first-time flier who, desiring a breath of fresh air, opened the emergency exit door. Fortunately, the p ...
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Share Exploding Students
2015-12-4 15:39
Part of my duties as foreign teacher calls for my involvement in competitions, specifically judging student competitions. To tell the truth I don't like seeing my students pitted against one another, nor do I like being put in the position to affirm one's ability over another's. As a teacher, I believe I should promote all of my students equally. How must a poorly performing competitor feel when their beloved foreign teacher deems him/her less capable than others? Converse ...
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Share Is Full Immersion Learning Possible?
2015-11-28 16:02
Of course it is, you might argue. After all, isn't that how children learn to speak their native tongues? But what about learning a second language, while still embroiled in learning your first one? Is full immersion English learning possible in China? I have a clear idea of how I'd like to engage in such teaching. Parents, teacher and students form a learning community.Teacher works really hard to impart fundamentals such as speech and grammar in an informal setting – say ...
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Share I'm NOT Fluff!
2015-11-19 14:52
I know what this school hired me to do: be fluff. Panache. A bit of extra pizzazz for those studying English, and for every other student on campus who did not select English as their major. I am not expected to teach grammer, vocabulary, composition, listening, literature or anything 'official'. My Chinese counterparts are tasked with those duties. My only job is to make students talk, and occasionally correct mispronunciations. I'm pretty good at it. Recently, our junior ...
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Share I'm Back!
2015-11-15 07:46
Hi, Everyone! How I've missed you! How I've missed writing! I've been a bit busy... may I tell you what's been going on? For as long as I've been here, our school has had 2 foreign teachers. This year, there is only one: me! Until now, only freshmen and sophomores received the benefit of Oral English classes with a foreign teacher. This year, Juniors will also take Oral English... much to my joy! Our school has enjoyed a record enrollment this year: n ...
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    wonderful depiction

  • The 'Face' Effect 2017-8-17 16:51

    In the USA blacks demand all people of other races to call them "African American" Yet they call each other the"N" word everyday.Maybe they should folllow the law. Respect is earned and can not be foreced on you by any law.

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