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Share A Foreigner Observes Qing Ming
2016-4-4 11:38
“ Have a nice Qing Ming!” “ We forgive you; you're a foreigner. You don't know any better” Seen on social media This weekend, all over China, people are manifesting reverence for their dead: by traveling home, by burning yellow paper in little chalk circles on sidewalks all over cities, by buying lavishly of fireworks, streamers, flowers, and the aforementioned yellow paper, that serves as currency in the afterlife. For the Chinese – wh ...
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Share Xi Shui: The City (and the dinner!)
2016-3-31 19:11
As I stooped through the doorway, Sam’s diminutive parents stood to greet me. As it is, Sam is not very tall but he does stand a few inches taller than his parents, and I towered over them all . With smiles and greetings, they urged me to put my bag down and make myself at home. They were just as excited by my visit as Sam was. Sam’s father is a tailor by trade and his mother helps out. Their customer flow is steady in spite of a lack of advertisement. It seems everyon ...
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Share A Hop to Xi Shui
2016-3-26 10:26
As I wander into experiences and all over China I try to maintain a degree of objectivity so that I can report to you what I see, feel and find as though you are experiencing it yourself, unclouded by my prejudice. I regret to inform you that this time I have failed miserably. You will see and feel my heart in my words, because there was so much heart put into my visit to Sam’s parents' home. Xi Shui (pronounced 'she shway') is the town where Sam’s parents live. I like to ...
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Share Farewell, Laoshi Dan!
2016-3-18 17:10
This week, a fellow blogger on ChinaDaily, Laoshi Dan (Teacher Dan) posted what he called his final blog at that outlet. It was a sad but scathing indictment of cyber-limitations one might encounter in China: no Google, no Epals or Wikispaces to draw teaching materials from. You can read his article here: Every time I leave China, I marvel at the familiar online resources I can once again access. Google: check! YouTube: c ...
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Share Laughing all the way!
2016-3-10 17:32
Laughing all the way!
Now back in China, I forget all about the aggravation of travel. I forget how hard all of those miles can be on a body. I forget the stress of whirlwind visits, constant socializing, and wondering whose bed/couch/floor I'm sleeping on. As the old song says: “So it's the laughter / we will remember...” The Way We Were, most notably sung by Barbra Streisand. A great song, and the yearbook theme to my only year in an American high school. Homecoming was everything ...
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Share Why does America make it so hard to travel?
2016-3-5 11:21
Why does America make it so hard to travel?
Boarding the long-distance bus out of Jacksonville, North Carolina at 5:30AM, still feeling punk and badly geared up for the 32 hours it will take to reach Texas, I pondered that question. In China, in Europe... in most countries, there are many transportation options that are clean, affordable and fast, if not comfortable and even luxurious. In America, not so much! Consider this: Europe has Eurail, a train system that covers most of the continent, and China h ...
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Share New Destinations: New Bern and Wilmington, North Carolina
2016-2-28 11:30
New Destinations: New Bern and Wilmington, North Carolina
Wait a minute: did I say I was headed to Texas? Well, that's true, but I neglected to tell you of the stop off in North Carolina, to visit with my daughter and her family. I should tell you a little bit about that before we move on to Texas. Besides, the visit in Texas wasn't that great, outside of seeing my dear friends and family. There just happens to be a lot going on in Texas right now; none of it very good. So let's stay a while in North Carolina, shall we? ...
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Share New Destinations: Roanoke, Virginia
2016-2-14 00:15
From Portland, across the country to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I wrote about Carlisle last year (See Historic Carlisle entry, posted January 2015), so I'll tell you about the road trip we took to Roanoke, Virginia, where my dear friend Marjorie's son lives. Before the road trip we stopped at the Lindt Chocolate factory outlet, conveniently located on the outskirts of the town she lives in. I don't think I'd be able to resist going there every week, if I had that store practically in my back yard ...
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Share New Destinations: Crater Lake
2016-2-7 22:06
New Destinations: Crater Lake
Finally I'm at Darrell's house, anticipating all that he has planned for my visit. Mind you, I'd be perfectly fine sitting around loved ones' houses, soaking them up and being a part of their lives for just the little while I'm here, but everyone always plans over-the-top entertainment. I love them for it. And for many other reasons. But then, with loved ones: does one need a reason to love them? And, while thinking of great loves: I hear my beloved China is suffering ...
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Share Arrival U.S.A.: Getting Through LAX
2016-2-6 04:28
Arrival U.S.A.: Getting Through LAX
You might guess by the title that I am again among my loved ones, after a grueling fifty-plus hours in transit. Little Benjamin has just had a bath and been put to bed, Samantha is studying and Darrell is at work – the overnight shift. Zeva the Dog lays at my feet and the cat is curled up on the arm of the chair. I find myself at loose ends, having slept like a log last night: no jet lag for me! The trans-pacific plane ride did not last fifty hours; in fact, it went rather ...
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