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Share Plochingen and Esslingen – Small Towns in Southern Germany
2016-8-13 10:20
Plochingen and Esslingen – Small Towns in Southern Germany
Although I do myself a disservice by posting pictures rather than writing, a picture is worth a thousand words – about the length of one entry. Thus, I continue the trend set in the last post: several pictures to comprise one entry, rather than trying to describe everything I saw. However, I will again write descriptions of the pictures, so that you're not just looking at random, pretty things. Feelings will follow in Trip Notes, at the end of this series on Germany. Ploc ...
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Share Old Town Frankfurt
2016-8-11 12:58
Old Town Frankfurt
How to discover a city: ride buses, and get off when you see something interesting, or when you see a bunch of people congretating. Surely they're looking at something interesting. Whereas in China, one buys bus fare on a 'per ride' basis, in Germany one has the advantage of buying a 'day card' – a bus ticket valid for the whole day, on any bus, trolley, metro or streetcar. Believe me: I took full advantage of that! For 7.6 Euro, the city was laid out before me ...
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Share On To Germany
2016-7-27 17:26
On To Germany
It's been a while since I've traveled abroad other than my yearly pilgrimage to America. You might remember that, last summer, a busted pin kept me home – no traveling possible. This year, that same pin is offering up its best aches and agony but I've decided to go all out: leave China. Not for the purpose of visiting family, which is the reason for the annual pilgrimage. In Germany I will reconnect with my friend Olaf, with whom I traveled to Chengdu the first year I was ...
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Share Where We Went and What We Did
2016-7-16 17:21
Where We Went and What We Did
Now that I've gotten nearly all of the horror out of my system about Dallas and Nice, I shall resume my trip with Gary and Mask where I left off: the giant crater. It was the most exciting part of the trip. Well, as far as sights we saw goes, anyway. Nature made, with man’s involvement restricted to carving the mother of all staircases into it, this cavity drills nearly 2 km into the ground. At the bottom lies a culmination of several waterfalls, spectacular when viewed from ...
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Share Gun Violence in America: A Possible Solution?
2016-7-11 17:20
Last night I was shocked to read about Dallas policemen being fired upon. Five dead. Nine wounded. This shooting follows 2 separate instances this week alone of police shooting an unarmed man, in 2 separate locations in the country, and comes not even a month after the nightclub shooting in Orlando. Statistics show that, on the average there is more than one shooting per day in America. ...
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Share Three Towns, One Boat Ride
2016-7-6 10:05
As I said in the last post, our first stop was in Yi Chang. We stayed in a business hotel not far from the bus station. The room was serviceable but not remarkable. One thing that did stand out was the concessions available in each room. There were travel towels, bowls of noodles, bottles of water and tea, some cakes and yes, even condoms. You might know about the process of checking into and out of hotels. Upon check in you pay a deposit, usually 100Yuan. Upon checkout, the ...
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Share Traveling Companions
2016-6-30 20:20
While school was still in session, my friend Gary invited me via email to go on a trip to Chong Qing with him and his friend Mask. I immediately said yes… provided the travel days came after my teaching obligations were met. And then I lost my Internet connection, so I have no idea if Gary sent me a response or not. But we do live in the same city and the same country, so sending a text message, or even making a phone call is not out of the question. Or is it? T ...
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Share Crazy/Batty/Absolutely Bananas
2016-6-27 12:05
The following is a list of things that happen to me in China, that drive me straight up a wall. For our Chinese readers: 'drive me up a wall', 'drive me bananas', 'drive me batty' are all ways to say: 'make me so crazy'. In publishing this list – and even in the making of such a list, by no means am I suggesting that Chinese culture is bad or must be changed, nor am I saying I do not appreciate it or enjoy it (I enjoy most all facets of Chinese culture immense ...
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Share My Week in Pictures
2016-6-20 15:46
My Week in Pictures
For the first few years I was here, I held end-of-year parties for all of my students, class by class, in my apartment. It was never meant to accommodate more than 30 people at a time, and my kitchen is not meant to cater that much food at once. I soon discontinued that practice. This year, to get my kids talking in class – and off their phones, I came up with the ingenious idea of holding competitions. Class by class, divided into groups, whichever team presented the best ...
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Share The Last Dance / The Last Hurrah
2016-6-18 16:02
Both of those phrases mean the same thing: something coming to an end. The first phrase indicates something pleasant or enjoyable is almost over; the last expression reveals that something onerous, dutiful or difficult – something that requires a lot of effort is almost done. For me and many other foreign teachers, the first phrase fits. For our students, the second one is more apt. I kicked off my last class of the year by explaining the difference between those two seemingl ...
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    wonderful depiction

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    In the USA blacks demand all people of other races to call them "African American" Yet they call each other the"N" word everyday.Maybe they should folllow the law. Respect is earned and can not be foreced on you by any law.

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