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       Long-distance relationships are already quite a challenge .If it works long-distance, I'm pretty sure you'll get happy ever after. We started going out really quickly after we met and everything went really well! However, sooner or later it was time to say goodbye – the most horrible day in my life.I had to move to the CHINA to finish my Bachelor’s degree at Guangzhou.Luckily, we have not given up and we have been going long-distance for 3 years now which, of course, leads to problems every once in a while.

Time Difference:
       The most obvious problem is, of course, the time difference. With me living in Guangzhou (Southern China), we are suffering a time difference of 2 1/2  hours! Before I came here I had serious doubts if it works out well, but after all we have found our “rhythm” and talk as much as possible – EVERYDAY!
      I think the key to every LDR (long-distance relationship) is communication – because that’s all you got! So just as you were together you also share the small things, like what you had for dinner or how was classes. What my boyfriend and I are doing is sending each other pictures from our everyday life during break, during lunch etc. I find this is a real advantage, because we can have much more conversations.

      When you cannot be together, trust is essential. Of course, you or your partner won’t stop living your life and still go out to clubs or hang out with friends. I experienced this a lot of times: I would get upset when he wanted to go out and meet his friends and not spend time with me video chatting.Nevertheless, it’s not okay just to start an argument if your partner wants to go out with friends.

     The next thing I experienced about being in a LDR is how fighting changed when not being together. For me having an argument is all about body language and facial expressions. When I see how hurt or touched or angry or upset my boyfriend is during a fight, I might change my standpoint about what we are fighting for. But when you are arguing over the phone or even text messaging you cannot see what your partner looks like, you cannot tell how he really feels about it. Fortunately, we’ve only had a few fights but I still cannot figure out how to handle it well when I don’t see my boyfriend’s expressions.

I’ll be back!
     I still have another 2 years to go until I graduate and go back to India. However, I am optimistic that my boyfriend and me are going to make it and be happy ever after. He is also trying to come over and visit me in China during my semester holidays. Until then, we will try to continue our (mostly) happy LDR – which in a way, ironically, also brings us more together.

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Reply Report PENS 2014-4-28 23:14
I cant agree more. When he is in Chicago and wanted to hang out with his friends for a hockey game instead of video chat with me,I got really upset. But then we have to admit that we are far
Reply Report Azindoo 2014-4-30 18:19
Long distance relationship is really a thorn in the flesh of not only relationships but also marriage in distance.many find it #difficult to manage with such marriage.

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