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2013-5-4 22:30
It is an embarrassed day for me today, when i had no enough money to invite the friends for the dinner. yesterday morning I went to the bank at 8:00, it still had no money in the autotellers, so i didn't get money, later i went to the office, every friday, we have many meetings, it is also the busiest day in the week. Because of busy, ti forgot to get the money from bank u ...
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2013-4-1 22:07
todays is the day that is 1st of April,Leslie has left us for ten years, i don't dare to believe that it has passedten years. we all miss him very much. sometimes,i indeed hope the time can come back ten years ago. i hope that he can live in the world. i don't want to say too much, i only want to stay quietly to miss him with my own way. i don't know whether Leslie can feel all fans' missing for him. i bless him! i hope he can live well in another world! L ...
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2013-4-1 21:54
I don't know why my inner is so bad for two days. the work requirements change suddenly, the leaders want me to transfer the requirments to these memebers and hope they can follow immediately. but i feel it isn't actual for me. it needs a process for everybody. perhaps I amn't suit leader, i don't want many members are fired because of the sudden change. this afternoon, they need me to offer the names who are poor in e ...
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2013-3-28 22:47
Time passes quickly, every day , I have nothing but work. Sometimes I indeed want to escape. I want to walk alone around the world until I am too tired to continue to walk. I put all myself in the work, but it has still many trouble to prevent my following my idea to do. Recently I often have a feeling of losing my heart. I want to compensate the lost in work via other way, maybe I should fall in love, it is a long time that I ...
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2013-3-16 00:07
This noon, we walked around the company after the lunch. I chat with two good friend. our topic transfered the work. a friend hinted us not to talk the work out of office, she hope we can separated the work with life. suddenly we are all silent. we don't all know what topic we can talk. In fact, we have indeed no life. our life has nothing but the work. I feel a little sad, i can't express my mood at that time. i didn't also tell them what is my inner. i ...
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2013-3-14 23:20
This afternoon, when i talked with a colleague about the goal, she is a v ery active and aspirant girl, she said that she felt the life and work seemed to lack something. it is uninteresting for her. In fact, i am the same person as her. if it is no ups and downs in period of time, i also feel it is uninteresting. i don't know how to describe the life recently. i am very busy working, i have a lot of worries. it has continued for ...
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2013-2-25 22:25
The Spring Festival has been end. i have also started work for a week. Every day iam always busy working, I feel the happness and troubles via work. Day after day, year after year, time passes quickly. sometimes i have a sense of loss that i can't express clearly myself. perhapsI think too much. tonight my mood is bad, i don't know what way i can find to make i feel relax...
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2013-2-7 01:26
Today, after i have discussed the work plan with colleagues, I talked the work attitude with them, i also shared some my experience, i hope they can all work hard not for company but for themselves to accumulate experience so that they can adapt themselves to the environment changing. iwas so excited that i said many, i don't know whether they is listening, i only know that i say too much until the breakfast time. t ...
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2013-2-6 00:02
i am always busy from morning to night every day.the day after tomorrow, i will go home and spend the sprint festival, many work need still to be arranged before i leave. i always regard the work as my career not just work. so i try my best to do it well, but it seems that can't be understanded by some person, as i can't understand those person who can't work hard. recently, i suddenly ...
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2013-2-4 00:36
I am always even busier in the weekend than the working day. I hopeto have a rest in the weekend, i can be asleep in the time that i want , do what i want, but it seems that i can't control this. it has always many things to resolve by me,whether i want to or not. sometimes i even feel tired because of playing. this weekend, in fact i don't want to go out , i want to stay at home and read a book that ...
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