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2014-6-26 17:56
It is for a long time that i haven't walked for the office. yesterday night , it was the heavy rain, today morning, the air was so nice, suddenly i want to walk for the office again.On the road, I read the english article that i like loudly as i walked. I didn't feel tired, it is about 60 minutes ,i reached the office building. the perfect day was beginning. I will continue to wallk every day when my house is decorated. these days i often need to the h ...
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2014-6-10 13:48
Every time, when I pick up the cup, I have a feeling of warmer. This is a gift that was gave by a good friend, when I was most unhappy last year. That morning, I found a box that put on my desk, when I opened the box, it is indeed a surprise, my tears was full of my eyes. I said nothing with her so far, but in my heart, I put the gratitude in my heart forever. The words in the cup are “ Stone, when you are unhappy, plea ...
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2014-6-10 13:19
My english speaking is not good, I always want to learn well, when i decide tolearn every day, i can't always insist in, because i am always anxious, when i learn for a week, i feel it can't reach the goal that i want, i feel disappointment, then give up, every time is makes my english speaking can't always improve. Every time when i listen the foreinger to speak, i feel difficult to under ...
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2014-5-23 14:30
I have forgotten it will be three years since i entered the company, if there is not the mail to remind me. Many significant things happened during three years and also many unhappy things happened during these days. I remind this day when i came to the office. all are strange and fresh. I felt that i had come to the place that is in the dream, the good circumstance for work and kind colleagues. it was too perfect for me at ...
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2014-5-17 21:35
This dairy was written on May 11 The Mother’s day will come,I want to write some words to thank my mother. Maybe we are too intimate, I am ashamed of telling her that I love her or thank her, I can only hint the gratitude in my heart. Mother is my best ...
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2013-8-21 00:51
It is very hot for these days, I don't know if the reason is too hot, i often feel tired when i come back after work. i want to lie down on the bed for a bit, but every time, i am asleep after i go to bed before long.when i wake up, the time has passed 12 o'clock in the night. I can only do some things after 12 o'clock according to my plan. I feel my body clock is disrupted seriously. I think i should control myself when i feel tired and want to ...
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2013-8-13 22:05
Today is valentine's day, after work, many colleagues hurried away and went to celebrate with lover.maybe because of no lover, i can't feel the atmosphere. I have also forgotten the feelings that celebrated the valentine in the previous. When I remember those days, sometimes I feel it seems to stage a farce, I don't want to faceonce again. Because of love, these years i don't want to face ...
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2013-8-12 21:03
That day, the trainer found us to know the level of everybody speaking and listening. He hoped thessat we could talk the most successful thing that we thought in the last two years. suddenlyi didn't know what i should say. i felt nothing was successfulfor me.I know to try my best to do every thing well, but i don't think it may use success. I was silent and researched the most successful in my brain, but i can't indeed find it. I continued ...
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2013-8-10 18:07
Today morning is the second class for the training of speaking and listening. all are happy in the class but it can't have great improvement via eight classes, it is only the start. when i am the class, my inner isn't fine, i feel failure and blame myself. when i can't understand the trainer. I also know i give the great pressure for myself. It can't improve too much in short time, but i can still control myself to be angry and blame myself. &n ...
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2013-7-28 22:19
It is embarrassed for me when i know the scores of english testing. Last week the company tested the english for every body,it includes the speaking, listening and writting. Theaverage scores of my writting is 7.5, the total scores is 10, but the average scores of speaking and listening is speaking and listening isn't always good in english learn. that day, when i was tested, because of some thing, i was late, when the tester asked me ...
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