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Share Movie stardom
2014-8-8 13:17
I haven't watched the filmfor a long time. On the one hand, i am very busy; on the other hand, no movie is especially attractive for me recently. I even don't want to go to the theater. That day, i watched the TV, when i turned over the Technology and Education Channel, it was playing the Movie Stardom about Fan lixin who makes the documentary films. I was moved by him when i saw him to promote the documentary fi ...
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Share About marriage
2014-8-7 10:34
Someone often asked me why i didn't marry or whether I don't want to marry ... Many times i didn't know how to answer them, no matter how i asked them, they thought it isn't true and thought it is only excuse... I want to marry, but the primary condition is the love, if no love,the marriage is no meaning for me. I promise that there are many men around me, because the work environment. butI don't like them, they can o ...
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Share Decoration
2014-7-30 13:40
Decoration is a thing that make person upset, especial when you encounter the unprofessional decoration team. it is more trouble.The process of my decoration is an angry history. My neighbour and i encountered so thing. we are all careful person and want to decorate the house well according to our thoughts. we ever looked for many decoration teams and talked with them. but we finally didn't choose these teams. At that time, There was ...
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2014-7-24 17:34
Recently, i don't want to sink the bad mood and always try my best to make my happy, but i can't still escape the things that bring me the bad mood. At first, the decoration of house, the project manager can't be responsibility for this thing. the workers often do the work according to their thoughts not mine, so the house was decorated out of joint, it needs me to take care of the thing entirely. I have no so much time to f ...
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2014-7-22 17:20
Yesterday i was told that the english speaking is not very good. i felt discouraged. That day the test came suddenly, i had no any preparation. The tester asked me many questions, some questions was difficult to answer in the special time and using the english, i felt i can't answer her very well. Every time needs to introduce myself, i don't know how to introduce more. i always spoke little. It is also so that day. &nb ...
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2014-7-16 17:59
Today I was interviewed by the company that is good in the communication industry, i always want to join them but no good chance. i don't know when i have sent the resume to the company, maybe they found from the website. when i was called by the HR, it is unexpected. at that time i was in the elevators. I had to request them to call me after i went out of the elevators. we contacted four times from then on and decidedthe ...
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2014-7-9 13:29
Today, I decide to do what i don't want to do thing. because i feel no matter how i do, the environment can also be changed. Everybody all consider the future for themselves, no matter what i do, I can't change anything via only myself. so my endeavor was regards as foolish. because they know what i can't change, so they also hope i can be the same with them to treat the work. maybe ,it seems the history , the big trend have changed,The endeavor of a few people can't ...
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2014-7-4 13:29
Colleagues will leave one by one, I don't want to become the last one who leave the last. but it seems that i can't avoid the reality. so far, i still have no the more thoughts about the job. I don't ineed want to endure the too much departure. At here, they and i work and learn together for three years. exclude the work, We have become the good friends ,suddenly some of them leave, I feel ...
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2014-7-2 10:09
These days, I feel excited when have the meeting with the customer, though my english speaking is still not good, i would like to have the meeting. Maybe, because other colleague exists on the other country. I don't know when i start to like to listen his voice. He works word and serious, and can push many problem to resolve in the work. He also help colleagues to analyze some problems. we all admire him. Every day he asks many questions in the meeting, some ...
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2014-7-1 11:18
the last sunday, I took the examination for the hire of another company. it comes suddenly, so i can't prepare well in time. I felt it was hopeless, but i still took the examination , i wanted to know what they will examine. so it still rained that day. when i would reached the company, I felt nervous, the chance only gives these persons who have prepared, but i prepared nothing, though i told myself, not to think the result, i couldn't ...
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