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Share If only you want enough
2014-11-30 12:24
It was 5 years ago, I was still in beijing as a trainee for my postgraduate study. The company that I worked located in the Dongcheng District. There is a park beside the company. At that time, every day after we had the lunch and dinner, my classmate and I walked in this park in order to digest the food, and release the stress in the work. Day by day it almost became custom for us. We talked so much when we went along the lak ...
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Share Tt is March again
2014-11-15 01:01
It was March, the flowers were opening, All things begined to wake up. After several winters, the ice that congealed in her heart finally melted away. As a drop of rain, felled to the round and died silently. It was four years, no March was in her world. It seemed that she waked up form the dream and begined to feel the breath of the March aftershe was deep asleep for fouryears. Although the steps of spring were still s ...
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Share Bless my father
2014-10-25 14:17
My father was in the hospital again yesterday, Since father was ill for cerebrovascular disease in 2008, Every year, it needs to be the hospital for the recure. Every time, father is imcompatibility in his inner. Sometimes we are angry for this, sometimes I felt I can understand him very much... Ever, fatherwas a armyman who took part in many wars, he was hurted in the war for liberating Xizang on ...
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Share The meaning of travel
2014-10-25 11:08
I thinkmany people know and experience the words that traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books. Now I can also understand this words more deeply. Ever, Iwas so person who lived in my world expecpt for studying and working. For some time, I felt anxious very much because of work. I couldn't release myself from that status. Many friends and colleagues told me that I should go out and w ...
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Share On the road
2014-10-8 17:15
For this National Day, there are seven days, it is five days on the road for us. it seems travel for us, but it isn't travel. The mail object is to get the parents from my hometown to Tianshui, then came back from Tianshui We set out from the Chengdu on Oct 1. it went through three provinces to arrive my hometown. Though we made all haste to reach home in time, we didn't still skip the beautiful scenery on the road. especially, when we cam ...
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Share The security of driving
2014-9-25 13:46
Yesterday, I heared the accident of driving that happened around me. Maybe it can heavy strike our heart when the accidenthappensaroundus. Actually , every day happened many accident. we all felt sad for that. At that time, we tell ourselves to take caresecurity during driving. but after several days we forget these,until next accident happens, especially when the accident happens around you, we know how dreadful it ...
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Share Forget the word when pick up the pen
2014-9-23 09:26
This morning ,I drove the car for the office with the radio. New term begins, the Ministry of Education values the writting with the pen for the primary school and middle school. they don't hope all the students will write the assignment with the electronic products. With the technology development, we write with the pens less and less, so we often forget how to write a word when we want to write with ...
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Share I will move to the new house
2014-9-16 10:59
I will move to the new house this weekend, after i am hard for almost half a year, the house was finally finished to decorate. though it still needs to add the many furnitures, it will not impact to live. i want to buy these furnitures when i will move the new house. last staturday, when standed in this house, there is a feelings that i can't impress in my inner. it is very hard in these days. Every thing I think ...
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Share Diray
2014-8-29 13:33
This project will be closed after one month. it means that we need to look for the new job. Before we got the offical imform, many of us want to leave, but when we got the offical inform, we still feel a little heavy, at least I am so. though I also want to leave even if the project willn't be end... We work together more than three years, we have been used to see some colleagues every day. Sometimes we also argue because of work ...
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Share Summer party
2014-8-19 17:19
I have to say that the time passes too quickly, It has been 11 days that i don't update the backlog. it is out of my consciousness. For these days, the life is usual, no things for happiness, also no things for i record nothing at here. whetn i research from my brain, i remember the summer party that we have last friday.In the activity, our teamgainedlittleaward , but we are all happy. ...
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