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Share I want to be in love
2015-9-25 10:14
It is awkward for me to say so before today, but today I indeed want to say it. These day, i am always considering many questions.these years, I put all my thoughts in my work. but from now on I want to put some time to look for my love. Though i don't still know where he is now, i will give myself some time to look for. I believe it have must been had a man who is waiting for me in somewhere. I also hope he can appear as soon as ...
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Share Giving some time for life
2015-8-17 13:50
It is a long time that I always focus on the work, I often ignores these person who concerned me. Every day the time is filled with the work. One day when I stop to watch the person around me, I find that they have had a family, they were accompanied by their families, but I am still single. It seems that nothing is in my life except work. Moreover I haven't also gained too much happy from the work, it is more and more work on my shoulder. Even I still work off ...
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Share grow up
2015-4-14 23:07
Because my mobile was bad, the old mobile was used as the backup. it was lucky that i found the telephone number in the old mobile about my best friend. I have lost touch with her for nearly two years. I couldn't always know why she didn't also contact me. i wasn't sure whether the number was still used by her or not. I tried to call her by the number. when she answered the telephone , I was so excited that i cried. She told me that she always waited for me to call he ...
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Share The spring is coming
2015-3-15 21:44
The spring is coming
I don't know whether this spring coming is earlier. Some day I suddenly found the flowers bloomed by the road that I passed every day. when i said this to my colleagues, she said that they had bloomed before the new year. To my surprise , why didn't i know? I remember that i often remind myself to view some flowers in the right season,but i often miss them. In the March, I especial want to view the sakura, but I am still busy the project. Ma ...
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Share The first blog for 2015
2015-2-3 23:15
I always want to write the first blog in January for 2015, I didn't still notice that the January had gone for three days,until today, when the message reminded me to save the money for house mortgage, I knew that it was the January 3. Time always passes so quickly, I often feel I fall behind time. For the new year, I found the new job, I have to go to office every day again. After I have had a rest for two months, I feel that i can't adapt to go to ...
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Share what do you want to do for the last time in 2014?
2014-12-31 23:04
It is no more than two hours from 2015, Actually from today to tomorrow, it is only the ordinary day, little difference with the other many days. but the year changes from 2014 to 2015, so it makes me feel today special. I want to finish a thing in this night to welcome 2015, I don't want to have the pity in 2014.But I finally have to be in the bed and watch an old TV play... Before I got the driver license, what I most wanted to do was ...
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Share Summary for 2014
2014-12-29 17:22
It is only left three days for 2014, This morning when I opened my eyes, a feeling of disappointment filled in my inner, maybe it passed too quickly this year for me, maybe I still worried about the job... In a word I felt bad in this morning. I was in the bed for a long time not to get up. I wanted to look for some things that made me feel good in 2014, I could say to myself, It was meaning and worthy of celebration in 2014, though ...
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Share a bouquet of roses
2014-12-27 12:38
Sometimes, when you want to get some things in some sepecial time, you can’t get them. But when you have forgotten and had little interesting for them , they come… I remember it was several years ago that I was falling in love with my ex-boyfriend, at that time, I liked the roses especially. I hoped I could get a bouquet of roses from him anytime. But I didn’t finally get from him until we separated. every time he woul ...
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Share Moodessay
2014-12-12 20:04
Next week, I will come back this city that I live from my hometown, now I am complicated in my inner. I can’t express my inner with word… This time, it is the longest time to stay with my parents after I started to work. I can stay so long time because my parents were sick, until now they don’t still recover entirely. I feel I can’t leave them , but I have to leave because I need to work, ...
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Share Wechat
2014-12-12 19:09
Any new thing produces, it can bring the convenience to the people, meanwhile , it also impacts people to develop in some respects. Such as the wechat… I always disliked to play the mobile in my spare time, every time, when I saw these colleagues who often watched the mobile, even meeting, talked with other people, they did’t forget to watch their mobile constantly. I couldn’t agree with tim ...
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