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Share Insisting
2017-1-14 16:58
These days, it is colder and colder. Because the house is too cold, I always want to lie in the bed when i go to home. I can read the book and write the word in the bed, but the yoga can't be exercised in the bed. Every time when I feel cold, I don't want to come out from the quilt. I always want to find some reason to persuade myself not to exercise. but finally I still exercise. I think I can't find reason to do anything that should do. &nbs ...
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Share Whether you can only do, when you want to do?
2017-1-12 15:30
When I joined the new company for the new team in 2016, I advised all members to write the blog of technology in the work in the first meeting of project. I said it can help you to summarize the knowledge and train your logical thinking. If you can insist for long time, you will become whom you want. Someone asked me why they needed to write the blog, they also did the note in their private space. They thought it was the same with writting the blog. When I ...
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Share The new year beginning
2017-1-6 16:53
Six days has passed for 2017, We can't feel the big difference with a few days ago, but it has been two years. It was a rough year for about the 2016. Especially the job, I experienced too much things. My mood also changed from the anxiety to calmness. It spent me too much time to adapt. About the July of 2016, I joined in a Web company with passion. It began for the beginning of 2016. I wanted to do the things well, not want too much about t ...
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Share what's the true sales?
2016-10-17 15:28
Because the organizations adjusted, the technology depart had to move back to the head office that it was the different city with the technology depart. After i considered for some time, i also have to move with the depart and left the city that i had lived for ten years. Though i also lived for two years in the city that head office was ten years ago, but when i came back again, it was still strange for me. IT needed me to build a new home a ...
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Share Trust
2016-8-31 10:10
Last week, I went to Sanya for my holidays, I didn't do any plan before I went to Sanya, I wanted to release myself thoroughly and walked freely. Maybe it was right to for me than the detailed plans. So I packed my luggage simply in the morning for Saturday and departed from my city. After two hours, I arrived in the Sanya. It was the first time that I saw the sea. I was so excited that i felt my blood boiling. I like the mountain and the sea, clim ...
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Share Never leave address
2016-8-3 20:34
Last Saturday, We went to the Qingcheng mountain with my colleagues. It made me feel happy when I went to the Qingcheng mountain, because I always like to climb the mountain in my life. When I was climbing the mountain, I heared the music that was played with saxophone. It was beautiful for me, I immersed in the music and forgot to move my feet. Then I walked with the sound, I saw the man who was playing the saxophone. I stopped to listen the ...
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Share Playing basketball
2016-7-28 08:42
It is for a long time that I haven't play basketball with many people. Though i often want to play, many girl friends don't like to play basketball, I can't find the partners, so I can only often play myself. When I join the new company, they are a group of young boys who like to play basketball. because of the work, we need to sit long time. In order to exercise , we have a sports about basketball every week. they are all happy when the day is comin ...
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Share Essay
2016-3-20 23:41
The training for starting a business continued for two weeks, though It was my voluntary to participate such training. it was hard for me, every morning i had to get up at six, then run to catch the bus and the subway, it spent me more two hours to arrive at the classroom. every morning I felt i was the most rashest person in all the person who changed the bus or subway. The class began at 8:30 until 12:00, it had an hour for breakfast and rest at noon, ...
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Share wechat shop
2016-3-5 11:34
I don't know when the circle of friends was filled in various advertisement. it seems that they all become the businessmen or businesswomen, the advertisement replace the mood for every body. moreover the communication is replaced by the goods that they sell. I feel sad and alone. many person can see only the money. maybe it is the question for the society. I can't change it. so I can only do myself well. So i don't want to be online for the Wechat or Mi ...
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Share I dislike to say good bye
2015-9-28 17:18
Today morning, a colleague came in my office, she told me that she would resign. it seemed that i had the feeling when she entered the office . for these days, no matter the job or the life I have experienced too much farewell. but I can't always say that i have accustomed to experience the farewell. It is sad for me every time. The girl who came the company from Feb for this year is a very excellent staff. when she said that she would ...
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