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Share The people don’t grow up at a moment, the flowers don’t open for a night
2020-4-15 19:07
This morning, I understood suddenly a thing that it had been my heart for a long time. The sudden understanding made me feel lost. If I wasn’t anxious very much for that thing to resolve, maybe it would have another a result. When things are slow, they will be round. When people are slow, they will be safe. Many things in the lives are important and worried, So we always want to resolve them early, the more anxious you are, the ...
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Share The epidemic situation hasn’t still been end, but the fire is coming
2020-4-1 14:18
This morning I heard the news that the fire had made 19 person to be lost their lives for fire fight the big fire of forest in Liangshan for Sichuan province. At that moment, I could say nothing, I only felt the tears to burst my eyes. The epidemic situation hasn’t still been end, the fire of forest is coming again. The last moment, We were happy for welcoming these angels in white who assisted the wuhan for fighting against the epidemic si ...
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Share The plan can’t catch up with the variety
2020-3-28 10:08
Tomorrow is the Saturday, I want to have a rest for this weekend. Because I have worked overtime for the last two weekends. I want to do what I want to do and relax. But It was the yesterday, the boss called me suddenly, he said he would come our department and talk some things with all people or me. I didn’t know what I should say at that time. I only felt to be tired. The boss likes the personals to work overtime, no matter it is ...
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Share If you haven't the better choice, please try your best to do the current things
2020-3-18 13:38
It has been the midst of the March, the hot season of switch job。but because of theepidemic situation,the hot season seems to be a little cold for this year. Many Job seekers says that they doesn't have more chance to choose, the recruitment units can't also seek the right person.No matter the job seekers or recruitment units seem to be the status for waiting and seeing. Some people choose to look for the new job constantly, it m ...
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Share I chose to update my Chinese blog every day
2020-3-11 13:47
For 2018, I registered the platform about Jianshu for writting. for the beginning, It was excited for me to write. furthermore I always wanted to contribute the essay to the special subject and hoped to have more readers. but after several failure for contribution, I lost my heart a little. later, because the work was very busy, I didn't write constantly again. it was only written casual. For 2019, I decided to write again. but I couldn't sti ...
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Share Tt’s March
2020-3-6 11:31
It was so slow to me to spend the February. but the March passes so quickly again. Today is the second day that we work in the office. Most days of the February, we worked at home. I dislike to work at home. It made the time be dim for on duty and off duty. It seemed to work for 24 hours. but for the boss, it seemed that you didn't work at home. He always thought to monitor you or consider to discount for your salary. you couldn't meet your colleag ...
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Share Learning to enjoy ourselves
2019-12-9 11:39
Today is Dec7, the last month for the year. Suddenly, The time is getting faster and faster. The year will be end after 24 days. I don’t know how I spent these days for the last 11 months. I feel it seems only yesterday for the first of 2019. Yesterday night I chatter with a friend about the life of 2019. Then she recalled these days in our junior middle school. It had passed for more that 20 years. But when I heard she reminded somethings ...
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Share To spending the Aug 31 as a festival
2019-8-31 17:52
Yesterday night I was reminded that It had been the Aug 30, there was only one day for the month. It would be over for Aug. the time was always quickly, I wanted to remember some things to mark the Aug, but I thought carefully, it seemed that I could think nothing. So , suddenly I wanted to spend the Aug 31 as a festival. It is a strange thought, but I want to spend according to my thoughts. Today is Aug 31, also Saturday. But b ...
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Share Essay
2019-7-21 17:34
I can’t imagine that it has been three months for last topic. Every day I remind myself to insist in writing the English blog. But it seems that there is no time to do this every day. Certainly it can been said to be a excuse. It has passed half for 2019, I can’t remember what I have done for the past six months. I only know I was very busy every day. It still seems that all time spent for the work. But I can’t also can fee ...
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Share Whether I should say good bye or not
2019-4-16 17:12
I knew a man in a group for making friends about two months ago. For the beginning, I didn’t have the feelings. We only chatted casual. Every day I sent the message to him about a topic for working clearance, he replied the message in his spare time. Sometimes he also gave me some advice about the work or life. I felt that he had the amount experience and a broad range of knowledge. I felt that he seemed my a tutor for the li ...
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