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ephil_cn 2019-7-21 17:34
I can’t imagine that it has been three months for last topic. Every day I remind myself to insist in writing the English blog. But it seems that there is no time to do this every day. Certainly it can been said to be a excuse. It has passed half for 2019, I can’t remember what I have done for the past six months. I only know I was very busy every day. It still seems that all time spent for the work. But I can’t also can fee ...
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Share Whether I should say good bye or not
ephil_cn 2019-4-16 17:12
I knew a man in a group for making friends about two months ago. For the beginning, I didn’t have the feelings. We only chatted casual. Every day I sent the message to him about a topic for working clearance, he replied the message in his spare time. Sometimes he also gave me some advice about the work or life. I felt that he had the amount experience and a broad range of knowledge. I felt that he seemed my a tutor for the li ...
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Share The best choice
ephil_cn 2019-2-28 15:53
In life, we always do the choice, every time we all hope it is the best choice, but when we decide to do for a while, we start to doubt whether the choice that we have done is right or not. sometimes we is even self-condemned for the choice. We think why we didn’t choose another way or road, if we chose, maybe it will be the better than now, and so on. but we ignore it is only our imagine. It has the good aspects and bad aspects for any choice. At that time, when ...
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Share About reading
ephil_cn 2018-9-10 10:53
I haven’t reading a whole book for a long time, it also makes me feel anxious constantly. Last Sunday I had finally two hours to read a book quietly, when I completed the plan of reading I felt I was so relaxed and happy. I hadn’t had so experience for almost three months. When I put down the book I didn’t remember all content, but when I was reading, I was happy and thinking. I think it is the harvest to read. When I talk ...
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Share What is the true stability?
ephil_cn 2018-5-9 19:04
Every time when I talk about the job with some employees, they often express the idea that they hope the job is stable. Some people who wanted to join the company that I had been also asked me the same question, whether the job is stable or not. Sometimes, it makes me not know how to answer the question. I want to say that it is the relative not absolute. I can’t assure any company or any job is stable. When the company exists, ...
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Share About writing
ephil_cn 2018-5-3 20:34
I haven’t always the self-confidence about my writing, my Chinese weren’t always good during my student. At that time, I didn’t like to study Chinese, and felt it was very difficult to write a composition. I also didn’t want to spend time for Chinese. But my science was good, I was interested in science, it made me feel good. I didn’t think the result that the Chinese didn’t good to bring me the impact. I was afraid of the class for the composition. Ever ...
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Share We envy each other
ephil_cn 2018-4-16 20:07
Yesterday, when a colleague chatted with me about the life. Her home is countryside, she often bright some things that are planted in the soil for their home to me. Every time I am moved and imagine the happiness, I hope i can live so place.I can't express the feelings for envy with the words. But she envies me to live the city. We talked about the benefit to live countryside and the city. I said the benefits to live in the countryside. At first, f ...
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Share Switching job
ephil_cn 2018-4-3 20:47
It is the season that the people like to switching job for the March and April. especially for the IT, the more choices are provided by these company for IT. Since the price of houses increased in last year, many people are beginning to become serious because of the house. Most of people feel poor in the economic and nervous . nervous They can't focus on doing the work well but consider how to get the more money. So when the season is comin ...
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Share Many things changed guickly
ephil_cn 2018-2-6 20:08
Today I can't login in the platform by the link that I have saved in my Chinese blog for sina. It makes me feel serious, I am afraid that i can't login in the website as i can't open the www. Later I tried again ,then i am here now. Many things change so quickly, you think that they are there ,you hope you have the time to visit them or read them or write them, but when you have the time, you will find that they have cha ...
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Share Sunk cost
ephil_cn 2017-7-14 12:00
I resigned from the company that i had worked less than four months. many colleagues and the leader persuaded me not to leave. They think that i have spent too much spirit in the project, and that it will be completed in no time. They think it was a pity to leave now.Before i decide to resign I also think so . but I still choose to leave. because after i analyzed and considered, I think the job don't suit me in the long run. &nbs ...
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