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       I can’t imagine that it has been three months for last topic. Every day I remind myself to insist in writing the English blog. But it seems that there is no time to do this every day. Certainly it can been said to be a excuse.

       It has passed half for 2019, I can’t remember what I have done for the past six months. I only know I was very busy every day. It still seems that all time spent for the work. But I can’t also can feel the sense of fulfillment. Many time I feel that the time was wasted in the work. Many thing did no meaning, but I still have to do it , perhaps it is the mainly cause that I can’t find the sense of fulfillment. I want to change the job, but it doesn’t well for the industry in this year. I didn’t find the good chance to change the job. So I only can work for here at present.

       Last week I heard some bad news about the company. I don’t know how long it will can continue, it is always deficit. In fact i can also find some information for the work, but I can’t say anything for the team. All members always work hard to make the company the better. But if the policy is not correct, no matter how to work hard, it can change nothing. When I face the members of team, I can’t express my inner. I still hope the company will be good, even if I will leave the company, I also hope the members can have the job.

       Today we work overtime, maybe it is the last project, I know there is no practical for the project. But the boss demanded to do it according to his thoughts. We only try our best to do it well.

       So far I can’t finish my any plan that has been drafted for the beginning of 2019. I feel ashamed. I want to try my best to do well for second half of a year.  

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Reply Report GVTCC 2019-7-23 17:33
How is it possible that you do not know what you do when you work hard and be busy every day?

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