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Whether I should say good bye or not

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       I knew a man in a group for making friends about two months ago. For the beginning, I didn’t have the feelings. We only chatted casual. Every day I sent the message to him about a topic for working clearance, he replied the message in his spare time. Sometimes he also gave me some advice about the work or life. I felt that he had the amount experience and a broad range of knowledge.

       I felt that he seemed my a tutor for the life.When I felt confused and lost, I knew him. he gave me many good suggestions in the life, and the comfort and encouragement in the work. He is also humorous. When we chatted, I couldn’t always help laughing by his humor.

       I didn’t know when I began to have a good feelings to him, and even I felt I liked him. I liked to see the messages from his reply, and liked to hear the sound from his massages. I didn’t know how to tell him these, I hoped I could hear him to say these for me. I also began to wait for his messages when I sent the message to him. Sometimes I felt upset when I was waiting for his reply. I also hoped he could sent the message to me initiatively when I didn’t sent the messages to him. Though he always replied my messages, I still hoped he could first sent the message to me every day,not to reply only when i send the message for him. I was disappointed for my wishes. I felt I wasn’t happy as the prior little by little, even sometime felt sad.

      I didn’t know his feelings for me. I thought if he didn’t like me, we may become the good friend, I didn’t want him to disappear in my life and to become the strange people again. I tried my best to control my feelings, but I found that it was difficult more and more. I wanted to see him in the reality, no matter we would become the friend or other. So I proposed to meet to thank him for his help for these period. It needed the courage for me to propose this. I thought he understood my inner. He didn’t reject me directly. He said that he needed some time to prepare and we also needed to know more each other. I didn’t know what I should say again. But I had a deep lost in my heart. I could only wait for the time but I didn’t know when it would be. For the day before yesterday, I asked him when we would meet, he told me that he was reducing weight. He wanted to make the weight reach his satisfaction, he would feel better to meet. I didn’t know what should say once again. I didn’t know whether it is only a excuse not to meet, maybe he never want to meet with me. But if not, why he spent so much time to reply my messages and gave me the good suggestions and comfort and encouragement. Maybe he also wanted to make a good impression as he said to reduce weight to meet me.But I don’t know which thoughts it was for him.

       I also don’t know whether I should wait for him again or not . I don’t also know whether I should say good bye with him... I only feel discomposure and tired. I haven’t sent any message to him today, I don’t also receive any message from him as usual. In fact, I still think about him because he caught  a cold recently. I asked him every day except for today.

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SEARU: To the author: That is an error to label your this writing as ‘passing’-level! (Today this is the first time I notice the statement! Maybe it was do ...
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