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        I haven’t always the self-confidence about my writing, my Chinese weren’t always good during my student. At that time, I didn’t like to study Chinese, and felt it was very difficult to write a composition. I also didn’t want to spend time for Chinese. But my science was good, I was interested in science, it made me feel good. I didn’t think the result that the Chinese didn’t good to bring me the impact. I was afraid of the class for the composition. Every time, when the teacher assign the topic of composition. I was always uneasy for several days, I didn’t know how to write and always put off until the deadline. I wrote casually the composition to cope with the assignment. I even didn’t want to read the second time when I completed the composition. I didn’t like to read these books about liberal arts. So, when I took the university entrance examination, my Chinese score was very bad, it also impacted me to enter the better university. I have to say that it was a pity for me in my whole life.

       I didn’t also know why I like to write composition later when I attended the work. I felt writing was a perfect thing. In the beginning, I only wrote for myself. Little by little, I wrote some words in the QQ space. I was ashamed to be afraid of being ridiculed when I updated the first composition.

       To my surprise, many friends thought it was very good for my writing, and many friends supposed whether I studied the liberal arts or not. I didn’t know how to answer them. I couldn’t believe their appraise absolutely, but I was grateful for their encouragement. It also gave me some confidence and courage to continue writing. Later I often wrote some words in the space. I could also find some progress when I was writing after period of time. I also began to like read some books about essay.

       It was the time for 2015, a good friends told me seriously that I should write some words in the website for the writing. She said I wrote very well and should insist. She also told me that it would have the great progress for me to join some websites of writing. I accepted her advice and joined the Sanwen website. I wrote some words during 2015-2016. It was 2017 when I couldn’t login the website. I contacted with the administrator for the website. He told me that the website was attacked and made many account number lost. I needed to register again. I didn’t know what I should say. But I felt bad in my inner.

       Later I wanted to find a good APP to write. Someday, I found the app unintentionally in my circle of friends for Wechat. I was excited. I downloaded the APP. But when I knew it, I found it wasn’t the APP that I wanted to find. It is commercialization , and the writing are almost Chicken soup. It limits the people who regard the writing as an interest and want to write. It makes many good composition can’t be read by other people. I felt disappointed. But I still want to insist in writing to enhance my level. It isn’t important whether my composition was read by more people.

      I also hope these people who like to writing don’t only consider the business too much.


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