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We envy each other

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       Yesterday, when a colleague chatted with me about the life. Her home is countryside, she often bright some things that are planted in the soil for their home to me. Every time I am moved and imagine the happiness, I hope i can live so place.I can't express the feelings for envy with the words. But she envies me to live the city.
      We talked about the benefit to live countryside and the city. I said the benefits to live in the countryside. At first, from the environment of life, It is the better than the city for the fresh air, little pollution.
      The second, she has the soil to plant the fresh vegetables and what can be planted. It saves the money, and makes the food green and healthy. We can't enjoy these in the city.
      The third, she can raise some poultry to eat , there are vegetables and flowers and kinds of poultry in her home, she can enjoy the fields and gardens in the weekend. 
      The fourth, she can be asleep deep not to be afraid of the noise in the night.
      The above, it is only several benefits to live the countryside. In fact, there are many benefits  to live in the countryside that in the city.
      After I had said these benefits to live in the countryside, my colleague also said many benefits to live in the city, and the inconveniences to live in the countryside. We both laugh.
We both admire the things that we don't own. Actually, no matter where we live, there are benefits and also inconveniences. We should cherish and enjoy these things that we have owned, We will get the more happiness.

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Reply Report Swifty55 2018-4-23 14:43
Country life fits me better. Being retired from USA. I like a peaceful quiet , clean air life style more then big city life.

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