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Share Should we respect tradition?
2016-9-4 17:54
Should we respect tradition? By Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 It's been a long time since I wrote a blog for here. Life catches up with you and priorities get shifted about but anyway. So I actually just came back from Korea. I absolutely loved the country and in the process I learned a lot about it's history including the effect that Confucianism had on Korea. I have read a lot about confucianism having read the analects 论语already plus a few other books by commentators on confucian thought and ...
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Share If you don't read this, you aren't Chinese!!!!
2016-4-15 18:57
If you don't share this, you aren't Chinese! 你不转你不是中国人 If you don't read this blog, China has failed! 如果你不读这篇博客中国失败了 By Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 Now that I have your attention.... So did you really fall for that? Did you really feel a need to read this due to you being Chinese and loving your country? Did you pass this on because you are ...
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Share you hate movies and TV?
2016-4-1 12:00 you hate movies and TV? by Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 labixiaoxin (crayon chin chin) I watch tv and movies, I wouldn't say a lot but quite a bit. I find it a great tool for language learning especially when you don't even have a partner. Why only this morning watching 蜡笔小新(crayon chin chin) did I learn what 反对党 meant. But recently, since the last month or two, I have noticed a new function added to video sites like tudou, this function is called 弹幕(dan mu)where you can ...
Personal category: foreign perspective|10916 views|16 comments Popularity 9
Share Quitting smoking and some things you need to know!
2016-3-31 12:08
Quitting smoking and some things you need to know! By Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 Today marks the one month celebration of quitting smoking for myself. To others (especially non smokers) what seem like a very mundane thin has actually been one of the defining moments of my year. The simple act of quitting has changed my life entirely, mainly because quitting smoking was honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done. It has strengthened my resolve in addition to making me healthier and I am so ...
Personal category: foreign perspective|7765 views|34 comments Popularity 16
Share The A4 paper challenge, destroying China.
2016-3-21 13:15
The A4 Paper challenge destroying China! by Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 In the last week or two I have seen the rise of the A4 paper challenge, basically for those who have not seen this, the idea is to be a slim as a piece of A4 paper, apparently this is deemed as a healthy body type. Want I want to talk about today is the truth about the A4 body and the level of brainwashing and stupidity needed for you to believe that this is healthy... The A4 body challenge is as seen above, her torso can b ...
Personal category: foreign perspective|15607 views|40 comments Popularity 22
Share a very belated 2015 blog
2016-3-9 13:48
Hello again everyone, it has been a long time since I have posted here due to various reasons. I said I would do an end of 2015 blog about what I had done last year and never did get round to it... So you may be thinking, why do it now? Well, for me the blogs are not just a way of sharing my thoughts and experiences for others but they are also a method of preserving and arranging my thoughts and as such, I still wish to publish my 2015 in pictures...even if it is 3 months late. So, la ...
Personal category: foreign perspective|8453 views|18 comments Popularity 14
Share How selfies (自拍 ) are ruining the world
2015-9-24 12:35
Many may disagree with this article thinking selfies are a good thing, however I beg to differ. I despise selfies with a passion, I also dislike people who tend to take selfies. I feel they are causing a lot of unseen damage in a lot of ways and I wish people would take notice and stop acting like sheep, doing what everyone else is doing. I want to go through a list of reasons as to why selfies are the stupidest thing to happen in this generation and why growing up in this generation I feel ash ...
Personal category: foreign perspective|13648 views|70 comments Popularity 22
Share Is patriotism healthy?
2015-8-4 10:06
Is patriotism healthy? By Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 This has been a topic a while in the making, and is somewhat especially important now. During all economic downturns, many people turn to patriotism or nationalism. You can try to claim their is a difference between patriotism and nationalism but I see it as a weak defence for claiming your patriotism is different from the patriotism you see in those countries you dislike. Extremely strong patriotism like we see in China an ...
Personal category: foreign perspective|21816 views|0 comments Popularity 16
Share Do you love your culture? Do I not understand it?
2015-6-15 22:15
Do you love your culture? Do I not understand it? By Sean Boyce. Traditional Chinese cultural activities So many in China talk about their love of Chinese culture and how foreigners don't understand it. It is a fundamental founding part of patriotism for many in China in addition to being an argument used to often counter any argument a foreigner has when critiquing China and yet I find this concept of culture, very ambiguous, very very false. When we say we lov ...
Personal category: foreign perspective|5674 views|1 comments Popularity 22
Share Yorubas surviving chrsitianity. Santeria
2015-6-15 10:25
This is put on here for a friend who is also yoruban to have a look at. It may be of no interest for others, however this was a 4500 word essay completed for my masters in Britain, all work is my own. Santeria: Methods of survival When analysing religion in Latin America, syncretism has been used as a powerful heuristic tool for looking at how religion has developed ( Andrés and Mena 1998; Evand ...
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Recent comments
  • Should we respect tradition? 2017-1-18 14:36

    Stick to follow the good traditions and abolish the bad traditions.

  • The A4 paper challenge, destroying China. 2016-12-31 00:45

    Why use such a provocative title? Destroying China, are you out of your mind?
    Body shaming, or fat shaming are terms originally from English-speaking countries like the US and Uk, right? I wonder if you have heard of the term "thigh gap", which is absolutely an American thing, or maybe a British thing as well. Would you also say that the US and UK are being destroyed? I bet you wouldn't.

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