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Share [Topic] Tips for Learning a Foreign Language
2014-7-30 08:59
[Topic] Tips for Learning a Foreign Language
At the end of this semester I applied for a tutor program at the Beijing Center for Chinese studies. Luckily, I passed the selection successfully, obtaining the opportunity to be a Chinese tutor of one American student next semester. In the training class, the professional teacher introduced her experiences to us about how to help foreign students learn Chinese. As she said, students in different proficiency level shall be guided according to different strategies. For students who do not ha ...
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Share Chinese Reality Show Calls for Indigenous Innovation
2014-7-27 23:23
Chinese Reality Show Calls for Indigenous Innovation
Recently, TV program “the voice of China” (season three) on Zhejiang television network has set off a high ratings frenzy once again. Other reality shows like “Daddy, where are we going?”, “I am a singer” and “If you are the one” have also been enjoying a huge popularity. Upon opening the television, a multiplicity of reality shows saturates the majority of local television networks; however, most of them fall into the same category and lack specific characteristics. &nbs ...
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Share [Topic] My First Intern Job as a Translator
2014-7-24 13:05
[Topic] My First Intern Job as a Translator
Long time I have not written blogs. Part of the reason is that most of my time is occupied by the intern job, and the only thing I want after work is nothing but rest. Specifically, every day I have to go to work before 9 a.m. and then go off work at 6 p.m. Besides, I spend three hours in total commuting between the dormitory and the company. In order not to be late, I have to get up early to catch the subway and the bus, experiencing the “9-to-5” life along with many office workers. Compare ...
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Share Ambiguity: What in hell Do You Mean?
2014-6-30 21:43
Ambiguity: What in hell Do You Mean?
Last night when surfing the Internet, I noticed an interesting humor which goes like, - “Could I try on the trousers in the window?" - “You can if you want, Sir; but we do have a dressing room!" To be specific, the humorous dialogue arises from misunderstandings between a shop assistant and a customer. Apparently, the prepositional phrase "in the window" is the root cause of the misunderstanding. The customer wants to try on the trousers which are pre ...
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Share Where Has My Time Gone?
2014-6-28 23:49
Where Has My Time Gone?
The song “Where Has Time Gone?” became a great hit after the Spring Festival gala this February. The growing-up stories recorded by photographs between Da Mengzi and her father moved millions of people. Truly, time flies without trace. No people can change that. Sometimes only by commemorating what we have experienced in the past can we really get to cherish what we are experiencing at present. When it comes to literary about time, it is opening sentences of the passage “Congcong” ...
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Share Tangled: Another Disney Masterpiece
2014-6-25 17:09
Tangled: Another Disney Masterpiece
This morning I finished watching the animated movie “Tangled” produced by Disney in 2010. It has been long time since I watched another movie of the same kind “Frozen” this February. Harboring everlasting childish innocence and kindness, I love to watch these kinds of animation which leads me to a beautiful imaginary world where every princess could finally meet her soul mate after trials and tribulations. However, after entering the middle school, a great deal of homework and extracurr ...
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Share My Exclusive Memory about Gaokao Result Announcement
2014-6-24 23:19
Today is a turning point for many high school students of grade three in many provinces because this morning they have access to checking out the grades of the college entrance examination (short for Gaokao in Chinese). All family members of students who got a high grade and top ranking would be excited and spread out the good news to the neighborhood immediately. However, families of students who did not perform well in Gaokao would be sad and silent, afraid of meeting the acquaintances on ...
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Share Book Recommendation: Tess of the d'Urbervilles
2014-5-31 21:23
After the British industrial revolution, machine production took place of manual labor. The individual peasants went bankrupt and were forced to do odd jobs as hire laborers. The beautiful, kind but poor, pitiful countryside girl, Tess, grew up in this age. Her tragic fate became the epitome of that time. I strongly recommend Tess of the d'Urbervilles to those who have not read it. The reasons are as follows: First, Tess , written by British well-known nove ...
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Share Renaissance: A Sheer Revolution in Art and Culture?
2014-5-31 20:02
Renaissance: A Sheer Revolution in Art and Culture?
When it comes to the term “Renaissance”, most people may associate it with the concept — a revolution in cultural and artistic life that took place in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. This concept was first invented by the French historian Jules Michelet and refined by the Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt. But is it comprehensive enough to exhibit the vivid picture of Renaissance? With the rapid development of economy and society, modern people’s perspect ...
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Share Shared Leadership
2014-5-31 19:16
Shared leadership, first invented by coaches in big time college sports, is a new emerging style of leadership. It is typically used in teamwork-oriented tasks. Different from traditional top-down leadership which clearly defines leaders and followers, shared leadership does not involve an obvious leader who is supposed to make final decisions. Everyone is a potential leader depending on the requirements of specific circumstances and the experience and capacit ...
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