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Does shopping online always meet your need?

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With the rapid growth of e-commerce, nowadays, an increasing number of people choose to shop online. Admittedly, the great convenience and improved delivery services do appeal to people who prefer staying at home if conditions permit. Instead of going around within the department store for seeking what satisfies, people just remain motionless to select the favorite from a multiplicity of choices. However, one question arises that whether shopping online always meets customers’ need.


To keep pace with the trend, many businesses launch their e-commerce stores and develop corresponding marketing strategies including delivery for free. Competition hence partially shifts from the department store to the online platform. Colorful advertisements and promotions cover the webpage. Nevertheless, customers may not be able to benefit from that. Sometimes businesses take advantage of customers’ appetite for sales so as to raise prices at first and then present a dazzling cut. Faced with a great deal of goods at discount, customers may not withstand the temptation but to buy a package recommended; as a result, they may regret on checking credit card record.


In addition, the quality cannot always be guaranteed, because customers are not able to touch and compare the real objects. The pictures of goods presented on webpage can be misleading, not to mention some fake and shoddy goods flooding the market. Meanwhile, the comments given by previous customers are not always reliable, for shop owners promise to give cash back if customers give five-star comments. Consequently, the online shopping can be unsatisfactory. And it is very time-consuming for customers to ask for change or refund. Clothes and shoes make up most of these cases owing to the wrong size or color.


Considering above-mentioned problems, shopping online does not always meet the customers’ need. However, it is not to say that online shopping should be discouraged. With increasingly improved regulation, this burgeoning market tends to provide customers with better services. Additionally, businesses themselves are strengthening goods’ quality in an attempt to survive the competition. Of course, to experience enjoyable online shopping, customers should keep rational and cautious; only in this way can surprises occur.           



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Reply Report voice_cd 2015-3-23 10:16
Thanks for sharing your opinion here. We have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report Igo 2015-3-23 11:31
Other than grocery shopping, I don't know what to shop. Soccer shoes? Pants? Socks? Jerseys? Shirts? Jackets? I just go grab whatever hit my sight in Wal-mart. Why Wal-mart? I'm already too handsome. I don't need any so-called high-end brand to decorate myself at all. Being too handsome is still illegal in China, right?     So that's why I had to hide myself somewhere else.      Online shopping? Not tried yet.
Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-3-23 23:10
The problems you mentioned are due to structural defects of online shopping platform. It has never had the interests of customer satisfactory and manufactures in mind. It won't last long if  the platform is the only one making money out of this process.
Reply Report 心怡(Jenny) 2015-3-24 10:28
Sometimes it is not satisfactory.

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