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Several days ago, I reviewed the movie "the Shawshank Redemption" at night, in which one sentence given by the old black guy Red touched my heart greatly that "get busy living, or get busy dying". Truly, a person would live a plain life if he refuses to do something meaningful or valuable in this seemingly long but short period. Although every person has his own judgment about what kind of life is not idle, I still hold that only living with dream at the bottom of heart and endeavoring to realize it can we really achieve self-actualization. It is widely admitted that nowadays people are living in an interconnected world so that he or she belongs to one certain group or institution. What he or she does is not only associated with the environment around but also restricted by that to some degree. Hence, when people try to make their own dreams come true, they shall consider doing something beneficial for people around, through which value of life tends to be enlarged and uplifted. In this sense, one's dream can be big, big enough to change the society and meanwhile small enough only aimed at obtaining a personal short-term goal.


"I have a dream", the powerful sentence given by Martin Luther King once encouraged a large number of people. I believe everyone has a dream in heart although he or she does not dare to speak it out for fear of being laughed at. Different from adults who have experienced social reality for a certain period, young kids tend to be more frank about their dreams. It is often heard from them that "I want to be a scientist, a doctor, a teacher…" I believe all people are no exception to have announced their dreams at a young age. Educated and influenced by teachers who cultivate us with great care, I dream of being one of them in the future and give back the same way they treat us. To realize my dream, I have been studying hard and focusing on improving my abilities from all aspects. Every time I am faced with difficulties and want to give up, words from my teachers echo around my ears and empower me to stand up. Twelve years of hard working finally pay off in the college entrance examination. I am admitted to a prestigious university being not far away from realizing my dream. By virtue of the all-around resources, I continue to study hard, set goals for myself and do my best to obtain them. Confident with myself, I am prepared on the road.


China dream is not that big but made up of everyone's “small” dream and embodied in that way. When seemingly small dream of every person comes true, our big China dream tends to come true soon. For me, a young college student who has been trying to realize individual career dream, I heartedly hope my motherland becomes much stronger. Only in a peaceful and stable social environment, our dream probably can come true. My career dream to be a teacher is still embedded in my heart. I promise to be committed to education when I finally realize it and join people in serving for our motherland. Remember, dream is not out of reach, run for it, and wish all people embrace it in the end.

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Your blog is so wonderful.I learn a lot .Thank you for your share.

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