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Where Has My Time Gone?

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The song “Where Has Time Gone?” became a great hit after the Spring Festival gala this February. The growing-up stories recorded by photographs between Da Mengzi and her father moved millions of people. Truly, time flies without trace. No people can change that. Sometimes only by commemorating what we have experienced in the past can we really get to cherish what we are experiencing at present.

When it comes to literary about time, it is opening sentences of the passage “Congcong” written by Zhu Ziqing that first occur to me. In primary school, we were forcibly required to memorize the passage by our Chinese teacher; however almost none of us at that time could deeply understand the substantive meaning. As years wear on, we get to grasp the theme gradually by cumulative personal experiences. Looking back, although it was sort of amusing, that period of time when we competed to show off our exceptional gift for recitation without full comprehension in the presence of the teacher was worthy to be treasured; because that kept track of our precious innocence as well as pureness.

Yesterday I had a chat with my desk mate in middle school through Wechat. When talking about the future plan after graduation, we fell into silence partly for confusion. His reply that “maybe it is hard to see you in person again in the future if you go abroad” really touched me and made me burst into tears. Time flies. Five years has passed since middle school and both of us have entered university.  As we grow up, opportunities for gathering tend to be less and less; meanwhile, the precious memory concerning the happiest time tends to fade away.

For most students of similar age, what constitutes the basic part of our growth is keeping going to school year by year. However, it is widely recognized that almost nobody does not cherish the schooling time, which is largely due to the people we met, the thing we experienced and the numerous cheerful moments we spent with the beloved ones together such as  crying excitedly for final victory of one football game. Nevertheless, to our disappointment, we are not able to hold back the vanishing time even at the cost of grow up.

Recently, the most concerned topic in many universities has been linked with graduation. Almost in every corner on campus can we see graduates taking photos with classmates, friends and teachers. Looking at their smiling faces, we are glad for their graduation with prospective future and in the meantime sigh for imminent graduation of ourselves. Time flies without trace, and nobody can change that. Maybe two years later in my graduation ceremony, one moment at least I can affirmatively talk of when recalling “where my time has gone” is what I am doing now i.e. writing a blog for the past. So, in order to leave more vivid memory for the future, learn to cherish and please do not hesitate to write down whatever you consider meaningful at present. I believe one day you will be reminiscing about the past happily and appreciatively just like what I do now.

where has time gone?

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