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My Exclusive Memory about Gaokao Result Announcement

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Today is a turning point for many high school students of grade three in many provinces because this morning they have access to checking out the grades of the college entrance examination (short for Gaokao in Chinese). All family members of students who got a high grade and top ranking would be excited and spread out the good news to the neighborhood immediately. However, families of students who did not perform well in Gaokao would be sad and silent, afraid of meeting the acquaintances on the street. An old saying goes that” one examination determines the destiny”. This is exactly true in old times for students who want to get rid of poverty as well as low class through entering a college in the city and finding a good job after graduation. However, in contemporary China, things have changed under the circumstance that the society is becoming increasingly open and diversified, providing more opportunities for people to achieve success.


Two years ago, I also received the grade on this day. Before 11a.m. when the result was announced on the website, I felt extremely anxious and trotted at home back and forth. I even did not dare to click the mouse when I could login the website. Instead, my father and aunt helped me accomplish this challenging task, and they shouted aloud to inform me of the result across the rooms. On hearing their applause and cheers, I rushed to the computer and burst out crying immediately after glancing at grade and ranking. To tell the truth, I never anticipated I could get that high grade because I was not satisfied with my performance in Gaokao. At that time, my little aunt gave a call to me inquiring about the final result, she soothed me right away upon hearing my weep; she did not know I cried for big surprise and excitement and even made a joke of me later. By means of the excellent grade which was beyond my imagination, I seized the chance to leave for Beijing and started my new college life.


Compared to last year, I remained calmer and firmer when hearing about news concerning Gaokao. On social network Renren, one album named “these things will have nothing to do with us one day” became a great hit, in which every photo shows one scene of Gaokao such as saying goodbye to parents at school gate. It may be true that as time wears on, we will be senseless about those two days which determines our life to some extent, and finally all memories regarding it fade away. At present, it is hard to remain one goal and try to achieve it without being interrupted. However, what we should always keep in mind is determination and persistence to realize the pure dream all the time. One saying goes that “the very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment”. No matter what circumstance we are in, we should figure out what we really want and continue to chase it. Even if we might be encountered with obstacles on the road, we can make it as long as we have confidence in ourselves and make a good preparation, just like what we do before Gaokao.

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