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Share Does shopping online always meet your need?
RitaY 2015-3-21 19:27
Does shopping online always meet your need?
With the rapid growth of e-commerce, nowadays, an increasing number of people choose to shop online. Admittedly, the great convenience and improved delivery services do appeal to people who prefer staying at home if conditions permit. Instead of going around within the department store for seeking what satisfies, people just remain motionless to select the favorite from a multiplicity of choices. However, one question arises that whether shopping online always meets customers’ ne ...
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Share My Special Feelings for Noodles
RitaY 2014-11-30 23:21
My Special Feelings for Noodles
As a girl growing up in the southern part of China where rice is favored, I have special feelings for noodles which is considered to be northern staple food. Each time having noodles, I will take a photo of it. (Do not laugh at me. This is what a foodie likes to do.) Here is the photo collection about noodles I have had in the past several months. If you also love eating noodles, please share yours with me.
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Share [Topic] Tips for Learning a Foreign Language
RitaY 2014-7-30 08:59
[Topic] Tips for Learning a Foreign Language
At the end of this semester I applied for a tutor program at the Beijing Center for Chinese studies. Luckily, I passed the selection successfully, obtaining the opportunity to be a Chinese tutor of one American student next semester. In the training class, the professional teacher introduced her experiences to us about how to help foreign students learn Chinese. As she said, students in different proficiency level shall be guided according to different strategies. For students who do not ha ...
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Share [Topic] My First Intern Job as a Translator
RitaY 2014-7-24 13:05
[Topic] My First Intern Job as a Translator
Long time I have not written blogs. Part of the reason is that most of my time is occupied by the intern job, and the only thing I want after work is nothing but rest. Specifically, every day I have to go to work before 9 a.m. and then go off work at 6 p.m. Besides, I spend three hours in total commuting between the dormitory and the company. In order not to be late, I have to get up early to catch the subway and the bus, experiencing the “9-to-5” life along with many office workers. Compare ...
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