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Share My thoughts on River Town
2014-5-30 14:57
Recently I finished reading River Town by Peter Hessler. This book has been doing the rounds with my circle of friends for a while and at last it was my turn to read it. Reading it was a joy and I could relate to it a great deal. The book is the author's account of two years of life in Fuling, a small river town in the east of Chongqing province, in the late 1990s where he worked as a Peace Corps teacher in a small teacher training college. I like his writing style immensely: he ma ...
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Share Green space in Chongqing
2014-5-29 08:01
I originally wrote this piece for Chongqing News, an English-language news website based in Chongqing. I was given the topic of the environment to write about and came up with this. I hope you all enjoy reading it and find it applicable to your own lives. When I was first driven back from the airport into the city of Chongqing proper almost two years ago, one of the first things that I noticed was the natural environment of the city: the two rivers, the surrounding mountains, the ...
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Share The smiles of Shiqiaopu
2014-5-13 19:05
This is a piece that I originally wrote for the English-language Chongqing News website, when I was asked to write about smiles and smiling. You can see it on their website by clicking here. It's local people in my neighbourhood that bring me regular smiles. I'm quite a habitual person and I enjoy having a set routine. Therefore I tend to go back to the same places and, provided the service is good, I remain a loyal customer. I have the hair salon close to my school ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|2085 views|2 comments Popularity 2
Share "Flying Tigers" and Joseph Stillwell: the Anti-Japanese War remembered
2014-4-29 12:11
Last Sunday I went with my friends Charlie and Sophie to two small history museums near Fotuguan ( 佛图关 ) subway station. They are on a quiet narrow road that clings to the steep hills of the peninsula. Both of them cover the history of the Anti-Japanese War in Chongqing, when Chongqing became the capital of China temporarily, as Beijing and Nanjing had both been captured by the Japanese. The first museum we visited was the “Flying Tigers” museum, dedi ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|2313 views|0 comments
Share My love of Chinese calligraphy
2014-4-29 12:02
My fascination with Chinese calligraphy (书法 - shu1fa3) is probably almost as old as my fascination with China itself. I have been drawn to its mystery and beauty and the fact that it is only created with the limited tools of brush, paper and black ink. My love of the Chinese language initially stems from its written form, I just think it's so cool to have a language written in characters. My early experiments with Chinese calligraphy were with a brush I found in an ar ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|4814 views|12 comments Popularity 11
Share Visiting an old Mongol battle site in Chongqing - Diaoyucheng
2014-4-29 11:51
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }P.western { }A:link { } Last Friday I went with my friends Charlie, Lucy and Sydney to a place called Diaoyucheng ( 钓鱼城) near the small city of Hechuan (合川) , which is in the north-west of Chongqing province. It's famous for being the site of several intense battles fought between Mongol and Chinese forces in the thirteenth century. We took the train from Chongqing North Station ( 重庆北站) which was qui ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|2800 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Art in the mountain city
2014-4-16 16:10
Last Sunday I went to Chongqing Art Museum ( 重庆美术馆 ), a newly-opened strikingly-designed building in Jiefangbei ( 解放碑 ), one of Chongqing's city centres. I went there because of my own personal curiosity but also because I was planning a lesson on art for my Senior 2 students and I thought that I should supply them with information about the art available to them in their own city. The exhibition that I saw was a collection of works by French artists and ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|1705 views|5 comments Popularity 4
Share Rock 'n' roll in Chongqing
2014-3-31 18:25
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }P.western { } Last Saturday my British friend Fran told me about some bands that were playing that night at a bar called Nuts in the Shapingba (沙坪坝) district of Chongqing. I'd been to that bar before and found it to be a cool little place with decent black beer at the very reasonable price of 10 RMB a bottle. I had no idea what the bands would be like but was up for giving it a try. The first band that played were called ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|1232 views|0 comments
Share Giving hot pot another chance
2014-3-31 18:18
On Friday night I had hot pot for the first time in months. I've not really been a fan of hot pot, in fact I confess to having eaten Chongqing's favourite and most famous dish fewer than ten times during my time in the mountain city. The hot pot that I enjoyed with my colleagues Matt, Barry and Charlie was so tasty and such an enjoyable occasion that I feel guilty for neglecting it for so long. Good food always tastes better after sport. On Friday I had a cracking few games of ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|1594 views|4 comments Popularity 2
Share Personal reflections on the Chinese and English education systems
2014-3-27 14:25
Some of the students at my school are starting an English-language newspaper. I offered to check some of the articles they have prepared for the paper and they also asked me to write a short piece of my own. As several of the students had written excellent pieces about education, I also chose this as my topic. Chinese students are not the only ones who face a multitude of examinations. My generation of students in England took more exams than any other. We still have the pro ...
Personal category: Chongqing life|1420 views|4 comments Popularity 2
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