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Share " What if..."
2014-4-30 07:25
" What if..."
This last day of April had a very strange affect on me. As I woke up as usual to get ready for my routine classes, I found everything around me having a new glow. And it all started with two words: " what if..." What if every single human in this world had enough food to eat, then, there would not have been any famine in the world... What if the climate in some areas was not so erratic, then we would not have had natural disasters... What if ...
Personal category: Life|1603 views|19 comments Popularity 12
Share My way of celebrating the World Book Day...
2014-4-25 16:15
My way of celebrating the World Book Day...
Books are a part of me, I have grown up with books, not merely by reading them but by getting lost in the imaginary worlds that they open up to me. They have taught me life, given me advice when i needed it, given me a hiding place when I wanted to be alone, above it all they have blessed me with everlasting knowledge. This year, my way of paying tribute to all the books that have given me company throughout my life, was by hunting down the very first french book that I had re ...
Personal category: Life|1519 views|15 comments Popularity 8
Share The lady I celebrate...
2014-4-23 12:09
The lady I celebrate...
Very often, people talk about Role models and how inspiring their work has been. When I was a kid, whenever I was asked this question, I would always take the name of this lady. My friends used to tell I did so because I could think of someone else. But, she was my superhero with no Few nights ago, as I was randomly screening through some photographs, I came across this lady again, she had definitely grown older but nothing had changed. Even though I know her very well, the picture brought ...
Personal category: Life|1315 views|17 comments Popularity 11
Share Falling Leaves
2014-4-2 13:20
Falling Leaves
IcametoChinaalmostthreeyearsago,butmyveryfirstencounterwithChinahappenedalmostadecadeagothroughAdelineYenMah’sbook“ChineseCinderella:SecretstoryofanunwantedChinesedaughter.” Iwasinmyearlyteensandoncewhilescrutinizingmy&nb ...
Personal category: Life|1745 views|19 comments Popularity 11
Share Let it Rain...
2014-3-28 14:31
Let it Rain...
Routineispossiblytheworstenemytocreativity.Unlessaroutineiswellmanaged,chancesofitmakingthepersonr oboticareveryevident.Beingpartofamedicalschool,Ihavelearnedthatawronghabitcanbeforciblylethal,becauseitwouldnotjustl ...
Personal category: Life|1702 views|9 comments Popularity 5
Share Anybody can cook...
2014-3-27 06:25
Anybody can cook...
WhileIndiancuisineisgaininggrowingpopularityinmanycitiesacrossChina,Fuzhouunfortunatelydoesnothaveasingle Indian restaurant.FewmonthsafterlandingintoFuzhou,Ihadalreadyfinishedallmyfoodiesfromhome.Ithenrealizedthedrawbacksofbeingago ...
Personal category: cuisine|2140 views|28 comments Popularity 16
Share Life is just a musical without music...
2014-3-23 07:44
Life is just a musical without music...
Spring...TheloveliestseasonforFuzhou.Thesunneithertooscorching;asinsummer,nortooweak,asinthosecoldchillydays.Theatmosphereisnotheavyandthencomesinafreshbreeze;asignofchange,asignoftransition,asignofanewbeginning. ...
Personal category: Life|5592 views|26 comments Popularity 17
Share If this is a dream, then wake me up!
2014-3-21 05:17
If this is a dream, then wake me up!
" If this is a dream, then don't wake me up ! " Like every other teen, this was how I had fixed my mindset. After all, that is how all students are universally known to be. I landed in China, I still held on to this dream world where things would happen only based on what I would say. In that world, there was only good, flowers everywhere, in simple terms, it was a fairy tale. I was leaving a totally different from my dream world and strangely I could not real ...
5451 views|46 comments Popularity 28

medical student in China

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  • Winds of Winter 2016-12-22 10:50

    Wind and Window and Winter;
    Sun and warm and Summer!

    (Cold wind through the Window in Winter;
    The Sun is warm in Summer!)

    Is there logical relationship among those words?

  • Winds of Winter 2016-12-21 08:37

    we have highlighted your blog. thanks for sharing it here.

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