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The legend of Goddess Mazu

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Hailing from a multicultural heritage, I grew up listening to all kinds of stories about legendary heroes and Goddesses. Over the years, my love for legends never ceased. I was always curious to discover new heroes and heroines who gave a sense of hope to millions of people through barriers of time and geography.

Six years ago, when i embarked upon my journey to China, I knew that my destination was a treasure trove of legends as old as the skies and thus began my quest of unearthing legendary figures who were heroes beyond time.

Just recently, a trip of mine through Fujian led me to learn about a legend that marked me. A legend said to be part of the Minnan Legacy; a story about Goddess Mazu. While there are many versions of the story, I was moved by the one I heard from a local folk tale. 

The story depicts a story of a daughter who ventures into the deep seas in a quest to find her lost brother and father. It was believed that she ascended to the heavens to become the Goddess of the seas and protect the fishermen and sea dwellers from any harm. Tales have been heard since then, that Mazu rises to guard any soul which wanders into the deep seas.

I find legends to be the gateways to eternal hope. They bring out to light the best part of people. Mazu stands as a ray of hope to all those people who venture into the sea. She stands as the promise that the sea dwellers will come back to the shores safely. Mazu stands as a promise that no harm might befall the sailors while navigating through the vast blue waters. Mazu stands as an epitome of courage, determination and love.

According to some other versions, Mazu is said to have drowned in the deep seas during her failed attempt to find her father and brother. I feel Mazu is still alive in the hearts of millions of people because she kindled the flame of eternal hope into the hearts of people. A flame that still burns beyond time...


Mazu rising from the deep seas

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