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Winds of Winter

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As the cold is sweeping across all the regions of China, it is hard not to notice how everything changes during winter.

The tall gigantic trees that covered the roads majestically with their branches hovering with leaves stand as lonely beings stripped off of what used to be their pride.

In places like Fuzhou, the sun plays an endless game of hide and seek and often remains hidden for days altogether.

Suddenly, everything around us seems so cold and frosty; as if living in a gigantic refrigerator.

So many changes that leaves our lives slightly upside down but China has always had so much in store for me. This time the winds of Winter brought in a refreshing change. 

A few day trip to China's most exotic destination: Xiamen with the opportunity of meeting up with some awesome expats scattered throughout China, whom, just like me, wanted a break from the cold front. This beautiful coastal city draped in Christmas mood welcomed our team of 30 people to discover its hidden treasures.

The Xiamen Old courtyard folk culture garden welcomed us with an exquisite display of the rich Minnan Culture through a well crafted show. A stroll through the ancient buildings gave us an insight of the rich history that remains unforgotten even after centuries.

Of course, how to forget the very famous Gulangyu Island while visiting Xiamen. This small but bustling little island is a must see! It all started with a ferry trip and ended in the scenic Shuzhuang garden. A beautiful sunset across the horizon just let us know that the fun had just started.

I was told long time back by someone special that life becomes worth through the little things that makes us happy. My trip to Xiamen brought in so much joy, beautiful new friends, enriching knowledge about a culture has diverse as the universe and countless memories that i will cherish forever.

Thank you Expatsexpress! Thank you Xiamen! #ilovexiamen

Ferry trip

minnan legends


Goddess Mazu emerging from the deep seas

beautiful gulangyu

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Reply Report SEARU 2016-12-22 10:50
Wind and Window and Winter;
Sun and warm and Summer!

(Cold wind through the Window in Winter;
The Sun is warm in Summer!)

Is there logical relationship among those words?

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  • Winds of Winter 2016-12-22 10:50

    Wind and Window and Winter;
    Sun and warm and Summer!

    (Cold wind through the Window in Winter;
    The Sun is warm in Summer!)

    Is there logical relationship among those words?

  • Winds of Winter 2016-12-21 08:37

    we have highlighted your blog. thanks for sharing it here.

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