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A tour in Fuzhou Daxuecheng

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I should say I witnessed the worst possible weather in Fuzhou for the last one week. It has been raining all through the week and when Sunday dawned into a beautiful cloudy day, I decided to take my chances and stroll through my university town. 

I live in a land of universities and I was always very thrilled to go about and enjoy the architectural beauties that each university had to offer. Every university in our town was unique in its own way and certainly beautiful in a special way. There are more than 20 universities through the area but a few of them are very close to my heart in one way or the other. 

The first university I visited here was of course my very own school, Fujian Medical University. I still remember how overwhelmed I was after I finished my very first tour. The lakes, the bridges and the greenery brought a new vision into me. My school remains my secret spot of rediscovery.

The next University I developed a particular liking for was Fuzhou university ( Fuda ). I got to know this university better because of my first and closest Chinese friends. They would always complain that their school looks like a factory but I believe their school is beautiful. It remains my favorite hangout spots till date.

Minjiang University was one such place that I discovered by total accident. I landed there after taking the wrong bus but instead of disappointment I ended up seeing a breathtaking confluence of nature and human imprint. Had I not recognized the Chinese characters, I would thought that I was in some kind of resort, for that is how picturesque the place appeared.

Fujian Traditional Medicine University is nature's very ow treasure trove in my opinion. A stroll in Fujian Zhongyi xueyuan would fill any visitor with a sense of utmost calmness and peace. The meticulous balance between human activities and nature's course comes alive in this campus as one sees ducks waddling through the lake while students are strolling the banks. 

Last but not least comes the Jiangxia University which stands just opposite my campus. I have never actually visited the campus properly but I have actually used it as a shortcut to reach my school. It remains a campus yet to be discovered but still makes it into the list of my favorites. 

As I got back to my dormitory, the rain started again. Welcome back rain...

fujian yike daxue

jiangxia xueyuan

fuzhou daxue

minjiang daxue

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