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Being a medical student in China...

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Life as a medical student in China has not always been a piece of cake. There are many obstacles that pulled me back through my journey of living my dream; that of being a doctor. Still, life always pointed out to me that after the rain comes the sun... Indeed, with every obstacle that I encountered with, came a small victory.

First, there was an obvious language barrier that made communication hard. Yet, with time, that appeared to have disappeared to an extent. Today, when i speak Chinese people understand me. And the day, I tried my luck with patients, I was ecstatic to see that they actually understood me. I do not really know about Chinese people's behavior in other parts of China, but Fuzhou people are the kindest and most friendly people I found. This really encouraged me to polish my Chinese speaking skills. 

Next, of course was my study program itself. Every country has its own system of education and learning. Somehow, I was not too comfortable with the Chinese way of learning and that really posed as a setback for my study. I felt like I was lagging behind and truthfully, I was... I felt so lost at some point that I started having doubts about my dream, until I actually started my medical intern in one of the most renowned hospitals in Fujian province and China, The Union Hospital. I was met with world expertise, latest technology and the most capable staff under one roof. This hospital, in my opinion, is an entity on its own. Founded in 1860 and now a century after, the hospital has evolved and developed to such an extent that it has now become a pillar in medical research and care. Coming from a small but beautiful island like Mauritius, I was definitely astounded by the figures that stood in front of me; 1.9 million out patients, 70, 000 surgical interventions performed annually. I had definitely found paradise. 

Learning from such an entity and being part of it at the same time has been definitely the best thing that could have happened to me in China. As a medical student, I have been exposed to the most diverse medical cases and seen a few of the many surgeries that are being performed every single day at this hospital. 

Like I said, After the rain, comes the sun... for sure..!


The entrance of Xiehe yiyuan

The surgical department

Union Hospital


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medical student in China


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