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11 Points For Husbands To Note

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Due to popular demand, I think it will be fair to do a version of the previous topic "11 Points For Wives To Note"  for parity reasons, here we go, "11 Points For Husbands To Note"

1. The husband that loves arguments with his wife is not matured. He should learn how to control his temper.

2. The husband that uses money as a weapon in the home -refusing to support the domestic needs in the house, going to bar after work with other women and then goes back home at wee hours is an IRRESPONSIBLE fellow.

3. The husband that never respect his wife by beating her at every little provocation and never respect the principle of "women rights", is an ANIMAL and needs to be caged for the rest of his life because women are not punching bags.

4. A Man who enjoys competing with a nagging wife, is not a man, he should try competing with a Parrot bird...whenever she brings troubles, why not walk out peaceful and come back home when the pressure is down.

5. Take your wife as a part of your body, assume yourself to be the Tree, your wife as the root, your kids as your branches and fruits. Without them, your life will be empty...so you should protect them.

 6. A wise husband makes her woman feel like a queen, this way, He can also get the same treatment from her as a KING. As we all know, kings Rules while Queens support; Queens can only rule independently in the absence of the king.  With this, your home is secured in your absence.

7. A husband that could not make decisions on his own is prone to be influenced by external elements that are not directly connected with the family. A good decision making husband can rule a big country without stress.

8. Don't allow tiredness to affect your night duties with your wife, if you don't do it at the right time, your wife might look for an outsider to help her. So, try to do something always.

9. Your Job becomes more important than your family,you need to adjust. Time for work, Time for Family are not same.

10. If you see your self as an absolute boss of your house, you are mixing it and this is not a good omen for a happy family, instead of this, you should shower your wife with surprise gifts.

11. A good Husband should treat his wife as if they are still in honeymoon season, this makes the family last longer and he should never think about divorce as the best solution for his marital problems. He should find a way to settle disputes mutually with his spouse.


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