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Share What would you do? 001
2015-12-30 05:16
What would you do if you are lucky to meet the Chinese president; Mr. Xi Jinping and he ask you to make a special end of the year request, promising to do whatever you ask. What are you going to ask?
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Share On this DAY in History,July 19,2012
2014-7-19 00:32
Russia and China veto of Syria sanctions condemned as 'indefensible' The UK, US and France rounded on Russia and China following the veto of a UN draft resolution on fresh Syrian sanctions, lambasting the move as "inexcusable" and accusing Moscow of buying time for Bashar al-Assad to "smash the opposition". Both Russia and China have consistently resisted the sec ...
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Share On this DAY in History,July 18,1931/August 18, 1931 (Chinese Lunar calendar)
2014-7-18 17:31
I WILL TRY TO MAKE THIS A REGULAR SEGMENT... July 18,1931 / August 18, 1931 (Chinese Lunar calendar) On this day in 1931, the Yangtze River in China peaks during a horrible flood that kills 3.7 million people directly and indirectly over the next several months. This was perhaps the worst natural disaster of the 20th century. The Yangtze River runs through southern China, one of the most populated areas on Earth. The region's people, most of whom lived at subsistence l ...
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Share 11 Points For Husbands To Note
2014-7-18 17:10
Due to popular demand, I think it will be fair to do a version of the previous topic " 11 Points For Wives To Note" for parity reasons, here we go, "11 Points For Husbands To Note" 1. The husband that loves arguments with his wife is not matured. He should learn how to control his temper. 2. The husband that uses money as a weapon in the home -refusing to support the domestic needs in the house, going to bar after work with other women and then goes back home at w ...
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Share Photos: My Trip to Suzhou with the West Lake Envoy
2014-7-18 11:57
Photos:  My Trip to Suzhou with the West Lake Envoy
Suzhou city is a beautiful ancient city in Jiangsu province, I was on a two days trip with my fellow Hangzhou West Lake Ambassadors along side some leaders of the West Lake scenic management Board. The trip was sponsored by the Government in order for us to learn more about other Tourist sites and to fashion out a good relationship with the Suzhou tourism Board. It was full of fun, here are some of the pictures, I took and I want to share with you all. Blowing the Chinese flute in my newly ...
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Share What is United in the United Nations?
2014-7-18 08:19
What is United in the United Nations?
What is wrong with the Global peace? Should we say the United Nations treaties promoting global peace and the respect of sovereignty is a failure? is the role of United Nations' Secretary General is getting more useless? He talks and nobody listens. I saw some news headlines on my Television screen now and I think it's time for the world leaders to find lasting solutions to the crisis engulfing and hindering global peace. For me, I think our highly regarded United Nations(U.N.) ...
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Share 11 Points For Wives To Note
2014-7-18 06:57
1. The wife that wins all arguments with her husband is not wise. The home is not a law court. 2. The wife that uses sex as a weapon in the home - placing embargo, going to bed in jeans shorts and trousers - lacks wisdom. 3. The wife that uses the modern trends and laws of "women rights" to insult or ridicule her husband simply makes a fool of herself. 4. A woman that makes her home devoid of peace through bickering,nagging and quarrels needs help. A man should be ...
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Share China's ICBC tops the list of the 10 largest Banks in the world
2014-7-14 07:33
China's ICBC tops the list of the 10 largest Banks in the world
The world may be shrinking, but the banks that are an intricate part of our global economy sure aren't. Backlash from the financial crisis hasn't put a dent in the world's largest banks, which combined have eye-popping assets of about $25.5 trillion. Most of the world's largest banks are outside of the U.S., but there is one American-based bank that made it onto this year's list from See which one it was. Industrial Commercial Bank of China, or ICBC Country: C ...
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Share MY WORLD CUP is over but life continues...
2014-7-3 08:09
Recently, I have been busy watching the Brazil 2014 world cup supporting my selected favorite countries including my Country Nigeria but it happens that all the teams I tipped to perform very well, disappointed me and go back home at the early stages... I spent sleepless night in watching these matches but all I can say now is, it's all wasted but I enjoyed the atmosphere created by this year's world cup. During this period, I made some new friends who were actually supporting the same ...
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Share FATHERS'S DAY: What has our FATHERS done wrong?
2014-6-15 11:10
FATHERS'S DAY: What has our FATHERS done wrong?
Yes!!! Fathers' Day is here and we are all happy to appreciate every fathers worldwide but something is baffling me, that is; Fathers are not really being celebrated like we did during the Mothers' Day. I can still remember , few days ago, we celebrated the Mothers' Day and it was full of tributes to mothers from all and sundry, even we have some bloggers who wrote many articles a week before the D-Day. Does that mean our fathers are : - Not as caring as our Mothers? -Not as import ...
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